Going to the circus

Get out your balloons and confetti! It’s “Arrest Donald” Day. And, frankly, that’s just about all of its real political/legal value. Still, let’s enjoy the day that proved Donald actually can be arrested.

The crime exists only in New York and is a fineable offense. Whatever the amount, the Donald campaign income quadrupled that amount as a result of the lawsuit.

But the salubrious season isn’t over. Recent evidence has shown that Donald deliberately ignored government requests to return boxes of classified documents and further, that he had ulterior motives.

This is a federal crime, not just in New York. This is a crime that has shadows of conspiracy – remember his first campaign and the rumors of Putin aid? Remember he had Russian fund raisers laundering contributions through third parties? In the worst scenario, Donald may be charged with serious charges of conspiracy against the United States. Such crimes are not just a matter of fines.

So let’s party today, maybe have a brew with fellow celebrators.

Ancient Mariner

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