Western Europe

As a metaphor, consider Western Europe, from Norway and Iceland in the north to Sardinia and Crete in the south and Turkey, though Asian, as a warm-blooded creature. The various nations are organs. The interlocking economy is blood. The European Union is bones. The NATO Alliance is muscle. Democracy is its persona.

Aren’t metaphors wonderful? When looking at an inclusive map, Western Europe looks like some creature sitting on its rear haunches (Spain) and has large perked ears (Norway/Sweden). With just this one metaphor we have a general understanding of Western European politics.

Let’s give Western Europe a health check. England is a pain like a persistent kidney stone. France has gall stones. Germany is the heart (but only as a pump). Poland has migraines. The nine Eastern perimeter nations plus Croatia suffer both from Schizophrenia and Parkinson’s. Ukraine has fourth stage cancer. Czech Republic and Hungary are neurotic. Turkey has a bowel issue.

Climate change is fostering a blood disorder affecting the entire creature. Portugal, especially, has severe dehydration. Ukraine’s cancer is affecting circulation across the entirety of Western Europe.

Mariner suspects the US Congress does not offer Medicare for most of these disorders – only cancer treatments for Ukraine. Western Europe’s democratic persona has begun to have inflammatory issues.

Well, doctor, what’s your prognosis? Metaphoric language only.

Ancient Mariner

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