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Mariner invites you to watch a short video about artificial intelligence:

Watch now –

The news item from which mariner copied this video also mentioned an AI version of Barack Obama doctored in the same way as Nina; His image was doctored to say words he never said.

This issue also made it to TV news because its capabilities may replace 40 percent of newscasters. The video is encrypted with a content certification standard called the C2PA. The technical-sounding name is just the acronym of the group behind it, the Coalition for Content Provenance and Authenticity. The C2PA standard is backed by a set of tech giants, including Adobe, Arm, Intel, Microsoft and Truepic.

Recently people have made fun of Zuckerberg’s metaverse with its artificial three-dimensional world and how it would control viewers’ options, that is, more a control of commerce than anything else. The chiding of this ‘other world’ has dropped quickly and has been replaced by a fear of our real world disappearing.

As usual, no constraints have been placed on the technology sector. Politicians who are older than 25 have no idea what the social ramifications are; neither do representatives from rural jurisdictions. As with many other important issues like gun control and health care, American governments care more about abortion and sexual variability.

Perhaps we are only days away from that time when there will be no nation to which we can escape, no Shangri-La. After all, privacy is nonexistent on the internet and cameras, the likes of Siri, and DNA trapping will find us anywhere.

Even if mariner retreats to his two-ponies and cart, satellites will know which shirt he is wearing and what brand feed he uses to feed the ponies, and what road he is on. Now, he won’t even know what’s happening when he watches the ‘evening news’. Fortunately, he can still use cash.

Dictators used to require armies and strong enforcement rules. Now all a dictator needs is a cartoon artist with a computer; citizens will think they are living in a democracy.

Ancient Mariner

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