How High the Moon?

Who among us remembers this song when it was popular? Les Paul and Mary Ford made a hit of it and the Beatles covered it in their era.[1]

We on Earth, for the most part, pay little attention to the Moon except as an ornament in the sky. Many are educated in a general way about the Moon’s role in the creation of the Earth – an unimaginable clash of two giant spheres colliding head-on thereby creating an Earth-sized piece and a Moon-sized piece; The Moon ended in orbit around the Earth and set the Earth on an angle that created Earth’s seasons and continues to affect tides not only in water but in Earth itself.

Here is an intriguing update on Moon stuff: The Moon is drifting away from Earth each year by the same distance as our fingernails grow in a year, about 2½ inches. Balanced in a strange pirouette (both spin), the two bodies are held in place by gravity and pulled apart by centrifugal force. Evidently but very slowly, centrifugal force is stronger and eventually will pull the Moon out of its Earth orbit. What will happen next is not agreed upon by astronomers and astrophysicists. Will the Moon simply fly away into space, leaving the Earth an unrestrained pirouette wobbling uncontrollably around the Sun? At some distance will the Moon find neutrality and settle into a new orbit? As the Moon lessens the balance held today, will polar wobbling on Earth become an issue? Stay tuned.

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When mariner was a young rebellious teenager, his favorite comic book was Mad Magazine. Mad is a disrespectful, ill mannered publication that holds no restraints with its tasteless satire and mockery. Fortunately, Mad is still around[2]; there are times when only Mad’s commentary is equal to reality. In honor of Mad, here is the latest cover:


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Mariner hasn’t taken a tour of his Internet/magazine reading list for awhile. Every so often he offers a list of websites that constitute a decent review of most of the subjects that fill our lives. Here forthwith:

Politics, Economy and Public News  …….everything newsy and active in politics  and the paper edition…….mariner ranks Atlantic as a premier data source for today’s busy, changing world  …….a statistical look at many subjects by the numbers  (New York Times) and the paper edition…….world-encompassing coverage of news  …….At the website one feels they are in a library. True! Pick your subject  …….top notch cable series Reality, Big Problems, Big Thinkers and the paper edition…….best common sense reading about the state of economics  …….tens of thousands video clips, articles, and programs


Science, Technology and the Future  ……eclectic collection of information from scientific sources; written for light reading  and the paper edition…….serious articles about new positions taken on any scientific subject  and the paper edition…….many articles about science frontiers and how they affect humanity  numerous social, scientific and general interview shows of excellent quality


Literature and the Arts

Bloomberg Television   interviews and presentations of operas, artists, sculptors, etc.  (Arts and Letters Daily) source of URLs to numerous artists and other literary news …….can’t be beat for detailed review of language, arts, music, writing, philosophy and their histories


Health …….satisfying survey of current issues ……. catch some news and use their libraries to check on your symptoms


Social Sciences and History  and the paper edition, the best, most comprehensive data source on the Internet



Science TV Channel (Outrageous Acts of Science) …….even in these troubled times, a visit is comforting …….another rewarding stop

Mariner recommends making a quick stop at the list every week or so or when you have an interest in a specific issue.


Ancient Mariner


[1] To listen, see:


Loyalty without Virtue is Simply Routine

 Mariner appreciates the response of Readers to the last post. The idea that being loyal to one’s fellow citizens is a requirement of US citizenship has been forgotten but nevertheless remains a critical element since the founding discussions of how the United States would exist as a nation. One speculates whether the disappearance of loyalty along Main Street and the Town Square has led our citizenship to the point of civil disarray today.

As one might expect, capitalism has made an easy mark of loyalty. Every measure of self worth, success, winning and what falsely may be considered ‘virtue’ has been redefined as a dollar value; the human value of our nation fades away ever more quickly. As this occurs, the spirit of our nation weakens and feels the incursion of prejudice, greed, avarice, inequity, malfunction and unhappiness in a nation that was designed to manage itself – loyalty to all our citizens before asset statements and class.

In our desire to recover loyalty to fellow citizens as an important aspect of our citizenship, loyalty must be stronger and more entrenched than community rules, taxes and pension regulations. These acts are established as routines. A citizen understands these procedures and lives by their minimum commitment to loyalty. However, while a nice gesture, loyalty is not improving routine alone; loyalty is learning to care without provocation; loyalty doesn’t start and stop within the citizen as if the need is the provocation and loyalty is a learned response. Loyalty needs virtue to sustain commitment to our nation’s great experiment in self management.

The holiday season offers a quick window into the difference between loyalty as a provoked response and loyalty as a constant obligation: If one is motivated by holiday spirit to cough up a few extra bucks or buy a sample gift for a charitable cause, that is ritual, playing along, paying off some guilt. One incorporates virtue by believing that it is one’s obligation to be loyal; it is a pre-committed act as a meritorious part of who one is – not to separate procedures from core beliefs about moral obligations. It’s like believing in the Cubs – no matter what. You will always be there for the Cubs! You will take every opportunity to root for the wellbeing of fellow citizens.

You will be a real American Citizen.

Ancient Mariner


Loyalty is Everyone’s Mandate.

During the holiday season many, many charity organizations are working at maximum speed to spread the cheer that someone cares for the wellbeing of another. The reader should become aware of the many efforts at feeding, gifting, paying for, providing shelter, providing warmth, and providing other critical support to the growing number of those left bereft and friendless by our abusive society.

Do you attend religious services? Your place of worship inevitably supports several charity projects – probably even sponsors volunteer activities in house to distribute evidence of care and concern but even more, befriending those who can’t afford friends. That includes more often than not families with children.

The best gift is you. That is hard for many people to do. But once one gives with personal effort and time, once one shares with another face-to-face, hand-to-hand, there are two gifts: You receive one, too, and it will be the best gift to you for the whole holiday season!

Our national culture slowly has worn thin. Citizens relate combatively. All the circus acts in politics, all the pretending that when whole industries have discarded wage earners, there is no human impact and that their futures are chopped off – leaving them homeless and penniless with families to support – these are not bad people; these are not failed people; these are not to be scorned; at least not yesterday why today? The US was founded on a new philosophy among nations that every citizen is responsible for every other citizen.

We have forgotten that in the US, we aren’t loyal to a regime or an ideologue. In the US, the strength of our society is not loyalty to the flag. No, it isn’t. We are loyal to each other. Not just in political rituals or paying taxes; each of us has a bonded responsibility to look after our fellow citizens and they must look out for us.

Loyalty to one another is a political mandate to keep the US together and strong. It is not a game for soft-hearts or ‘liberals.’ It is a hard game to be played every day, in every moment. Eric Metaxas said the US is founded on freedom. Freedom requires belief in freedom; freedom requires loyalty; loyalty requires virtue.

Now show your freedom, loyalty, virtue and wisdom: get out there and create some truly precious and needed holiday spirit!



In a recent post lamenting mariner’s fortunes at the voting box, there was a poorly phrased sentence about the Presidential terms of Lyndon B. Johnson. To clarify, LBJ finished JFK’s term when Jack was assassinated; Lyndon won his own term in the next election but declined to run for a second elected term.

Did you forget your reading assignment? It’s “If You Can Keep It” by Eric Metaxas, copyright 2016, Penguin Random House. ISBN 9781101979983 hardbound — ISBN 9781101980002 ebook. $26.00 hardbound. Or see your library.

Ancient Mariner

Why Have Elections?

Mariner has lamented from time to time that his fellow electors never see politicians running for office the same as he does. For many (but not enough to win an election) who are disgruntled by all the candidates, there is little to celebrate as elections roll by year after year after decade after decade. JFK and LBJ was the last successful vote cast by the mariner and Lyndon chose not to run for a full term. Undercard elections are worse.

Constantly rejected in this manner, mariner is ever hopeful but more skeptical that ethical culture one day will emerge in his nation. Guru, mariner’s alter ego that looks far into the future, considers his vision a pastime; masses of voters will see to it that it is never achieved. Just call mariner a dreamer.

Mariner’s downfall is not the wrong ideology; it is not racial, sexist or subject to class accouterments. If all the sources he checked since the 2016 election are correct, (in his heart mariner knew it all along) he knows voters vote for themselves or at least the most like themselves in the election. Fareed Zakaria brought this home painfully in his show today: No one, no one votes for policy. No one votes for new plateaus or spiritual caring or conscientiousness. Voters vote for candidates who make them feel most comfortable about themselves – after all, this isn’t the time to go messing with one’s gestalt!

Quite seriously, in 2016 the entire world is in disarray: global understanding of economy is becoming unraveled; industrially based cultures are at the end of machinations to hold on to the way we get jobs, solve serious problems (as examples Brexit, Donald, and the playboys in France and Italy). Beyond the western world, Africa holds onto the word ‘civilization’ by a thread; China has internal conflict and an unbalanced national sense of self (they still debate birth policy and have begun imposing on all the small nations across Indonesia, the China Sea, and even moving toward India. Only India is large like China – both are sumo wrestling metaphors much larger than the US. India has a region in the northeastern part that has no government. If India had cowboys, NE India could be the US wild, wild, west all over again.

Wherever one looks, there is weakening economics, disappearing environment, tumbling governments, and collapsing cultural morality. Like the global warming issue, if one believes these silly rumors, one will not make as much profit if one must face the inconvenience and cost involved. This point is made in the household as well as the boardroom. Observing coal workers will tell us we have only to lose if we vote to feel good and think not at all.

Freedom is all we have in this unique nation of the United States. The electors don’t even know what it looks like.

Ancient Mariner


The Sky is Falling!

A big chunk of sky fell in Indiana the other day. Chicken Little still is in a state of fear; he probably will remain in that state – not one of the fifty states – for another four years. Watching Donald begin to create an authoritarian state by bribing Carrier with seven million dollars of Indiana’s tax dollars doesn’t help Chicken, either. No need for Senate legislation; no need for House legislation; no need for an Executive Order; no need for Indiana legislation. Donald says do it and someone else puts up the money whether they want to or not.

It’s all about Donald’s chutzpah. It’s all about Donald never losing. It’s all about Donald basking in what he presumes is a win. Poor Donald; so simplistic, so narcissistic and so wrong on the Carrier deal. Congress is as eager as a chained dog to be turned loose on Obama’s heritage. Perhaps Congress should set aside Barrack and keep an eye on Donald. Shelling out $7,000 for every job kept from moving overseas (but not preventing the company and 2,000+ jobs from moving to Mexico) quickly will take the US and its fifty states into fatal debt levels. Oh well, just so Donald thinks he is winning. At least Carrier may give bonuses this year – if they feel like it.

Do not say, “Well, he saved a thousand jobs anyway.” The real price for 1,000 jobs is circumventing a Federal Democratic Republic to install a King. Just what the founding fathers were hoping for.

Our ancient ancestors believed the wind was a spirit because they could not see it. Ever watch a tornado take down a house? That metaphor means that more is at play in sustaining our great country than what Donald ever sees or understands. Like the trapped Indianans, we all will pay – except Donald, who always “wins.”

It is the mariner’s fervent wish that every citizen read Eric Mataxas’ s book “If they can Keep it.” We all are obligated to manage freedom. An authoritarian king owns ALL the freedom and ignores yours.

Ancient Mariner


About the Presumption about Shapes and Genomes

Thoughts about the last post, A Presumption – Is it true or False? which assumed that a preference for a given shape is stored in the genome, are far ranging. Many arguments don’t address the genome-memory presumption; rather the responses provide evidence that would allow the presumption to be true or false.

Mariner lists different ideas submitted by readers, responding to cogent arguments. Many responses from readers were edited for length. The mariner’s response is in italics.

  • About the Presumption about Shapes and Genomes. This is more evidence that aliens visited Earth in prehistoric times.May or may not be relevant; did visiting aliens morph our genomes to prefer certain shapes or sizes?
  • Primitive cultures did not need the sky to explain their theology; they worshiped what they saw in nature. One might ask why low round shapes dominated religious edifices in a region that has several large mountain ranges with Mount Ararat topping out at 17,000 feet. Did the genome prefer round shapes?
  • It wasn’t until the Iron Age that humans had the materials to build upward. A good assumption in its own right – linking religious shapes to emerging paleontological skills. What decided what the shape would be – a genome or a committee?
  • The American Indian worshipped Mother Earth, a view of which was limited to the horizon – a circular view that influenced them in their religion. A good metaphor. Circles are everywhere in American Indian culture. Did the Indian genome prefer circles?
  • The genome drives everything. In birds especially, instinct predetermines nest shapes, height and building materials; plumage is an ingrained judgment to make decisions about mating, etc. Free will is not as prevalent as humans would like to think. I vote for the genome. A strong argument. The mariner considered birds as well. Do birds have a religious culture – the other side of the presumption?

The presumption is much ado about little. The human brain is a montage of experience, genetic instruction and external reality as humans interpret it. Completing the puzzle or not won’t change anything or mean anything. It’s just a puzzle.

Still, by following one’s thoughts, there are many side streets that help the brain stay supple and alert. For example, there is an old pop-psych quiz about preferred shapes: One is asked which of four shapes is most appealing – a circle, a square, a triangle or a squiggly line? Purportedly, a personality that chooses the circle likes things to be simpatico, undisturbed and pleasant; the person that picks the square likes things to be orderly, secure and well defined; the person that prefers the triangle is comfortable with change, conflict and existential attitudes. Finally, the one who picks the squiggly line is artistic, comfortable with surrealistic solutions, and dislikes redundancy. Which do you prefer?

4-shapesIn the end, does a personality select the edifice shape?

Is widespread use by others of an original religious shape simply practical and the simplest path?

In Washington D.C., edifices abound. Consider the Washington Monument, Saint Paul’s Cathedral and the Viet Nam Memorial. Which chose, the architect, the committee, the religion, or a shape preference in our genome?

Could it be all of the above?

Ancient Mariner

A Presumption – Is it True or False?

Mariner begins a new series of posts that presume some idea is applicable to some process or result that may not be in the mainstream of history, science, or behavior. The posts will occur occasionally and unexpectedly.

Presumption – Over time, preferred geometric forms become ingrained in the genome. True or false?

To present a broad example, very early forms of religion (7,000 years ago or earlier) were not interested in height or divine sexuality until, abruptly, new gene pools from western Turkey and early Greece introduced a preference for vertical structures to express religiosity. The earliest gene populations built structures with rounded domes while later ones, like Egyptians, Babylonians, Mesopotamians and classic Greeks went with super large vertical architecture and focused on kings as gods (more a cultural preference). To a noticeable extent, the change in architecture was a rapid shift in preference for religious edifices; further, from the view of genetic anthropology, it is relatively clear that a new gene pool suddenly changed visual shape preferences.

Another illustration of circles dominating vertical architectures are the giant, geoglyphs discovered in the Peruvian desert; then there’s the example of soaring cathedrals and office buildings in large western cities. We could go on.[1]

On the other end of the European expansion, round edifices were preferred – consider Stonehenge[2] before the Roman occupation…

Another example occurs at the beginning and end of the great migration out of Africa – the one that travels through China, up to Japan and Russia, across the Bering Strait, down through North America and into Central and South America. Compare the architecture of the Xia Dynasty of ancient China to architecture at the end of the migration in Mayan and Aztec cultures – separated by 3,000 years and three continents.

In between were civilizations that did not create similar forms. Instead, one can see that these western civilizations, like the early religions in Turkey and Stonehenge, seemed to prefer round structures. The circle is prevalent in everything from igloos and tepees to religious symbols, to garment decorations to the Peruvian giant circles in the desert. Because these intervening civilizations existed in vast terrains that did not require reactions to mountainous geography, (the civilizations in between lived on islands, flatlands and ocean front) the theologies and godheads were vastly different yet none preferred vertical architecture until mountains were the primary topography.

There are historians who suggest that migrations traveled from the Indonesian area and settled in the middle of South America and are ancestors to a more primitive culture – remnants of which still exist in the great forests, Chile and Peru. However, in the deserts south of the Amazon basin, huge geoglyphs, well above normal size and often based on geometric design, reflect the same pattern of super sizing as the Mesopotamians.

It is agreed that terrain, over time, alters geographic preferences. But over generations, do certain cultural shapes become preferred as well? Darwin’s finches proved that finches developed new beak shapes and in England, feather colors matching local tree colors. Is this true about humans as well?

Can we presume that the genome carries a preference for certain geometric shapes – a preference ingrained over generations?

True or False?

Given the challenge, it will be hard to avoid association with successive generational adaptation.

Ancient Mariner

[1] The mariner cheats by including large, tall office buildings because they are neither religious edifice nor caused by one’s genome. They exist because there are too many people and not enough space. However, allowed to be taller than a religious edifice, one wonders whether capitalism is the actual religion.

[2] Weak example; It was a calendar. Nevertheless, circular architecture dominated the British Isles until castles came along.

Back to Real News

In an effort to recapture the eclectic, more typical style of the Blog of the Ancient Mariner, the mariner revisited his list of must-read web sites, magazines, newspapers and, after a brief respite, television news. In fact, his wife tipped him about an article in VOX, a digital magazine.

Two odd issues that one wouldn’t think would capture broad interest (even the mariner’s local paper) are the Electoral College and the Emolument Clause of the Constitution. A third topic that should, perhaps must be at the center of voter discussion is the future of jobs.

The mariner shares the two sources with his readers because they are EXCELLENT sources that continue to provide above average articles that one must read to keep up with the personal duty of managing a free democracy.


The first source is VOX. VOX is a grown-up, fully commercial version of The Blog of the Ancient Mariner. VOX negotiates with smaller web site journalists to have them contribute posts through VOX. Occasionally VOX will buy more developed websites and integrate them with the VOX publishing team. The result is a current and unbiased presentation of topics that are related to substantive issues, ideas, and more informative than other commercial publications like cable news. Mariner recommends VOX as a member of the reader’s favorites list.[1]

To tickle your fancy, here are a few phrases from the article.

– Why not rely on a popular vote like other democracies do?

– The EC allows states to count slaves, each as 3/5 of a person.

– Why do we still have an EC?


The New York Times is the second source that should be checked regularly. NYT is an influential newspaper around the world. To a surprising extent, its priority of topics reported sets the focus of many other news sources and discussions about the US, politics, finances, and the important information about business, health, nature, science, etc. – even what new books individuals may want to buy. The paper edition works near New York but the digital copy is of-the-moment and organized for faster perusing. Also should be added to the favorites folder.

Particularly at the time the Constitution was written, the forefathers were afraid that a US president could be bought by foreign monarchies and competing commercial interests who would want to block competition from the US. Further, the President was to govern by the authority of a democracy and could not be influenced by special interests. Donald has a strong desire to keep his world-wide business empire while he is President. For those who fantasize about some method to remove Donald, if he is denied Trump corporate authority, he may resign on his own. This conflict with the emolument clause will persist as a top news item likely to reach the Supreme Court.[2]


VOX again publishes an insightful article about how, in just a few decades, there is a chance we may all draw our wages not from commerce but from Government. This is hard to imagine when today it is all we can do to hold on to Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid and what there is of single payer insurance. How could we be prejudiced against lower class people on welfare? We would all be on a government handout!

Granted, the Services Employee International Services Union (SEISU) considers the idea a valid argument. We have known about the disappearance of jobs because of automation; even worse, job sources are dropping retirement, benefits packages and do what they can to avoid government mandates like minimum wage, equal pay for women and maternity leave. Because this cultural transition is already underway – and has been for at least 20 years, it is close to becoming front page news as a national and Federal issue instead of a right to work issue on a state-by-state basis. Something as serious as keeping 300,000 people alive is better handled by the Federal Government. The managers of a free democracy should be schooled on this jobless issue and not be caught up in a class war like the 2016 elections.[3]


Ancient Mariner


For a procedural description issued by the US Government see



No better. Chicken Little still is Afraid.


What is that old adage about you can take something out of something but you can’t change the person? It is clear that Donald – no matter how hard government and the media may try – will remain an autocrat to the bone. In any milieu, only his view counts. There is no value to a person being sensitive, or educated, or skilled or straightforward in their own right; what’s important is how loyal and how acquiescent a person is. That’s because autocratic personalities make all the decisions.

Many seemed relieved at Donald’s change of demeanor and acquiescence on terrible objectives advocated during the campaign. Do not be deceived. If you think Hillary has an alternative plan, that plan is merely a light breeze compared to Donald’s 70 mph shear winds. Never forget that Donald always is looking out for self-serving objectives we will never know about.

For example: what is behind all this niceness and favoritism once Donald became President Elect? Donald is stroking as many targets in the Republican Party, the media and important personalities – even democrats in politics as he can. Good ol’ Donald. Humph. He is against the wall on keeping his business and the Presidency at the same time. He knows it will be a squeeze and likely to be challenged. Donald, of course, is saying he is surprised there were no restrictions on a President doing personal, profit based business in the oval office and besides, a President can choose his own “conflicts.” When Donald starts lying, we have learned (it is hoped) that the reality discounted by his lies hides a conflict with Donald’s self-serving objectives.

Something our insightful electorate will have to accommodate is that justice will not be determined in the Department of Justice; it is defined and pronounced in the Whitehouse. If someone like Rudy Giuliani is appointed Attorney General, the conflict may never be prosecuted. Important decisions of justice are adjudicated in the White House.

The point is this: Autocracy is not democracy; autocracy could be the confrontation that curbs the abuses of corporatism – leaving it unprotected from loophole laws and legitimate, self-serving political manipulation. However, not likely; the nature of autocratic governing has the same objective as corporatism, just more crude. Autocrats turn commerce into something similar to mafia-like favoritism and strong-armed tactics if one doesn’t get with the program.

Let’s take a tour of “democracies”

Official classification:

Full democracies are nations where civil liberties and basic political freedoms are not only respected, yet are also reinforced by a political culture conducive to the thriving of democratic principles. These nations have a valid system of governmental checks and balances, independent judiciary whose decisions are enforced, governments which function adequately, and media which is diverse and independent. These nations have only limited problems in democratic functioning.

Flawed democracies are nations where elections are fair and free, but may have issues (e.g. media freedom infringement), and basic civil liberties are honored. Nonetheless, these nations have significant faults in other democratic aspects, including underdeveloped political culture, low levels of participation in politics, and issues in the functioning of governance.

Hybrid regimes are nations where consequential irregularities exist in elections regularly preventing them from being fair and free. These nations commonly have governments which apply pressure on political opponents, non independent judiciaries, widespread corruption, harassment and pressure placed on the media, anemic rule of law, and more pronounced faults than flawed democracies in the realms of underdeveloped political culture, low levels of participation in politics, and issues in the functioning of governance.

Authoritarian regimes are nations where political pluralism has vanished or is extremely limited. These nations are often absolute dictatorships, may have some conventional institutions of democracy- but with meager significance, infringements and abuses of civil liberties are commonplace, elections- if they take place- are not fair and free, the media is often state-owned or controlled by groups associated with the ruling regime, the judiciary is not independent, and the presence of omnipresent censorship and suppression of governmental criticism.

It is left to the reader to classify the United States – especially considering that Donald is about to be President/business CEO.

Ancient Mariner

Chicken Little is Afraid!

Slowly, the mariner and his wife begin to peek at the political news. Like small fishes in the coral reef, quickly we dart away. The similarities between the Hitler takeover of Germany and Donald’s takeover of the United States are eerie. In both elections, neither won the popular vote; large numbers of citizens were ignored by the establishment for years and therefore wanted a leader who was good at kicking down sand castles and toy block bridges; a leader who didn’t understand what the word egalitarian meant or was capable of implementing egalitarian policies that would right the wrongs of a recently defeated Germany or a recently destroyed US democracy.

Hitler filled his administration with people who did not fit well with complicated, nuanced organizations; the appointees possessed extremist attitudes and opportunistic ethics; Donald is doing precisely the same. Against a background of political incompetence in the elected government, both administrations, despite D-league leaders, were (are) quickly capable of installing a white nationalist nation, permit horribly abusive punishment on citizens who dared to disagree with the administration; and further utilize mafia-like tactics and confiscation techniques to take possession of property, financial opportunities and remove worker rights from government contracts; finally, appointing only cronies and those each felt he could trust regardless of instruction or circumstances.

Henry Kissinger thinks Donald is manageable. With all due respect, mariner disagrees. Donald is a hard core narcissist raised in a manner where he cannot, even in the face of absolute evidence, admit he lost or is wrong or even that someone else contributed. “If people think you never lose, you can do anything” (Donald). Further, Congress is too incompetent to steer Donald – only take advantage of his presence. Sadly, two wrongs don’t make a right.

Finally – though there is more – instead of engaging democratic allies to assist Germany in its economic crisis, Hitler turned to another autocratic dictatorship: Mussolini’s Italy. One cannot help but notice Donald’s preference to solve “the world’s problems” by associating with Putin’s Russia – an autocratic dictatorship.

Chicken Little, to use his colloquial style, is running about shouting “The sky is falling! The sky is falling!”

And very important to the personal sense of things represented by this post, a woman who is the best friend of the mariner’s daughter and equally a friend of the mariner and his wife has written a poignant accounting of the recent election. Please, please go to . It says a lot about the intellectual demands and knowledge required of the electorate to manage a democratic republic founded on freedom.

From a different angle, at least two major futurists see this moment as the end of world polity and the associated economic model – the end of a global culture in place since World War One. This perception may be wise, even hopeful. However, the Antichrist enjoys meddling in times of great change. What can be said that is positive? Hitler and Mussolini invented the V2 rocket and made trains run on time. What will Donald and Putin do?

Ancient Mariner