• The last several posts on philosophical subjects largely were provided by alter ego Guru. If nothing else remember the core issue: if the postulations of campaign ads aren’t present in your personal reality z […]

  • As the nations of the world feel the burdens of a changing planet, as the global economy weakens, as citizens become insecure, authoritarianism seems to step in. The surge of Trump into the public arena is an […]

  • The human plight of fragmented reality is the same circumstance as a severely tangled 100 foot extension cord. ”Is this really just one cord?” and “Finally, I found both ends but the cord reaches only 11 feet. […]

  • Back in August mariner wrote about Mark Boyle, an economist who decided to live without money for three years. A quote from the August post is repeated below:

    “. . . surprisingly, over time I found my reasons s […]

    • Thanks for pondering. Tomorrow mariner will offer some solutions offered by Boyle and other social science authors. As you suggest, correcting a wayward culture is not easy by any measure. For example Boyle had to totally eliminate money from his reality or he would not have had a savory (new culture) experience.

  • Remember when: Companies paid a guaranteed 100% retirement? Or employees had the right to negotiate salaries? Remember unions? The economists say there is a shortage of workers. Bull chips – there is a shortage o […]

  • First, some feedback on the walking post: you may have read in fitness magazines about doing a warmup routine; the same goes for ‘hitting your stride’ in walking and running. Give your body time to shift into ove […]

  • skipper wrote a new post, Walking 2 weeks ago

    Mariner has not had much physical exercise for the last two weeks because he had a houseful of guests. Today he decided he better start walking to the Post Office again because he felt aches and pains all over, […]

  • All the news, of course, is about the death and burial of Queen Elizabeth and what King Charles will do differently. England was organized into a nation officially in 927 CE, the point being that in comparison, […]

    • You are correct about the violent overthrow; monarchy is a form of authoritarianism. England should be grateful for the castration signed in 1215. Is the US now facing such a confrontation? Is anyone even organized enough to try?

  • A film, available for viewing on PBS cable or online called ‘Hacking the Mind’, presents an experiment with 4 and 5 year-old children. Presented simply as a game, one child at a time is asked what color tee shi […]

  • GPT-3, is an AI program, can write essays, op-eds, tweets, and dad jokes. It will change how we think about creativity. Who is “we”? Doesn’t Alexi deal with this kind of stuff? Leave me alone so I can get back […]

  • Mariner has a pet phrase he often uses in the humid summers of Iowa: “I’m sweating like a fish!” On rare occasions a listener may come back with “Fish don’t sweat!”

    “Of course they do” he responds, “wher […]

  • skipper wrote a new post, Goliath 1 month ago

    With all the social confusion, with the growing menace of global warming, with all the corruptness in politics, a giant walks among us: Goliath, AKA super large monopolistic corporations.

    It isn’t just the c […]

  • It was mentioned on the blog some weeks ago that the time was coming when the retirement age would be extended as the population grew smaller and older. The pandemic has forced this idea into the political world […]

  • ֎ It seems that the latest polls – and a few primaries – suggest that the democrats may be more successful in November than was imagined just sixty days ago. Don’t bet money yet but the election may be more intere […]

  • ֎ Mariner was up early this morning. As usual, first get a coffee then turn on the computer. His standard procedure is to go to NOAA to check the weather, then to the blog, then open email.

    Before mariner got […]

  • This post is written by a professional, published writer – mariner’s wife. The post is a true tale. Enjoy the quality.

    – – – –

    Where to begin?  I suppose I should begin with the letter I got from Verizon […]

  • Mariner was a preacher for a while. He became familiar with the Christian faith generally and with Christ’s exhortations to love others before self. In college he had a minor in religion and studied several r […]

  • Has the reader ever heard of CMEs? CME stands for Coronal Mass Ejections. This is an event that occurs on the Sun. Most folks are familiar with sunspots as a phenomenon. Sorry to mix metaphors but sunspots are […]

  • In a recent post, mariner used a metaphor suggesting that Mother Nature was taking over the issue of disarray in the human world. Here is an example of Mother Nature taking charge of economy, agriculture and […]

    • To quote you: “It won’t be long before nations of the world have to stop profiteering and fighting wars in order to commit resources to Mother Nature’s style of reform.”

      I admire your optimism, but don’t share it. We as a species are doomed due to our misplaced values and failure to embrace education, particularly science. I believe we are witnessing the beginning of the end of our planet and the final chapters will be devastating to humankind.

  • It is perfectly normal for everyone to adapt to what is real, what is happening now, how one survives generally. The mind pays close attention to how life plays out on a second by second basis. The skills needed […]

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