• The Global Trends Report, which is compiled every four years, is an example of strategic foresight. Some clips:

    “Driving the news: Many, if not most, of those trends identified in the new report from the U.S. g […]

  • Wow, just four days ago Justice Clarence wrote that there should be tighter regulations on social media – This from Axios:

    New rules from tech companies are making it harder for users who commit crimes in the r […]

  • Tarun Chhabra, now a senior director on Biden’s National Security Council, wrote in Foreign Affairs in 2020 an article titled “The Left Should Play the China Card: Foreign Rivalry Inspires Progress at Home,” Chhab […]

  • On April 5 the Supreme Court reversed a previous lower court decision per a suit filed by the Biden Administration. The decision had to do with the use of social media and freedom of speech on Twitter. The […]

  • In a number of posts mariner has suggested that stand-alone national economies have peaked and are not the solution to the economic future. Virtually every economist feels that the economic health of the globe is […]

    • Only you, Robert, would rummage through your coal furnace ashes looking for rare minerals. You are right, of course, that there are other sources and that science is working on alternative technologies. The two biggies that already affect industry are Lithium and Cobalt. Cobalt is found most abundantly in the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

  • When mariner and his wife moved to Maryland, he had thoughts of entering politics. He and his wife even campaigned actively for Bobbie Kennedy. He quickly became disillusioned. Unlike religion which requires […]

  • skipper wrote a new post, IF 1 week, 4 days ago

    IF the reader was born before the Vietnam War (1954), their core understanding of reality and related social values is outdated – functional but outdated. Life values accumulate via growth experiences until a […]

  • Trying times is an understatement.

    The migration of tens of millions of people, exacerbated by a changing climate, will be one of the mega-trends of the 21st century, Bryan Walsh writes in Axios […]

  • In 4.5 billion years the Sun will fry the Earth destroying all living matter.

    The Moon is drifting away from the Earth at the rate of 1.5 inches per year. Today the Moon circles the Earth about every 27 days; […]

  • A brief quote from Leon Wieseltier in White Rose Magazine:

    “After everything that liberalism endured and survived, after the unimaginably savage assaults of fascism and communism, we must steadfastly fight f […]

  • Look for a moment at the middle finger of your dominant hand. It’s the longest one that’s used to express irritable dissatisfaction. Yesterday mariner accidentally cut the tip of this finger with a kitchen kni […]

    • We have quite the divide in our union, the United Association of Plumbers, Pipefitters and Sprinklerfitters. Many of the rank and file, and I mean many, supported the Orange Baboon in the last election, despite the UA leadership endorsing Biden. What the Magats didn’t know is that the leadership personally interviewed all the candidates prior to their endorsement. My son, Jeremy, sits on the Interview Committee. They were blown away by the commitment by the Biden/Harris team to help rebuild union membership across the entire workforce. Naturally, they endorsed the winner.
      One of the first things Biden did through executive order was stop the Keystone Pipeline, which put 3,500 members of our union to work. Our leadership knew this going into the election, but decided that the interests of the 370,000 members were more important than the 3,500. Still, the Magats protested over the loss of 3,500 jobs as a way of uplifting the Chosen One. It was a ballsy thing to support Biden because the leadership is up for re-election in August and I’m sure there will still be a lot of sore feelings, but I’m glad they did the right thing.

  • ֎ An interesting poll from GALLUP. What’s interesting is that in one year China jumped significantly over Russia as the greatest enemy of the United States:
    Americans’ Perceptions of the U.S.’s Greatest En […]

  • Recently mariner wrote a post describing the new international strategy of nations integrating responsibility for economics and other international issues rather than using traditional treaties and trade […]

  • skipper wrote a new post, Trends 1 month ago

    ֎ From NEWSY:

    “A White nationalist movement that fueled a new rise for Europe’s far-right continues to gain momentum around the world and is helping to lure in and radicalize new recruits, according to te […]

  • When mariner was young his father was attending seminary. His father was entertained by pop psychology, a term that implied, through simplistic descriptions, the behaviorisms of human beings. Mariner has carried […]

    • I think I’m a “why” person. When I first started at my last job I was obsessed with understanding how my responsibilities and tasks fit into the larger picture. I may have a little “how” blood in me as well. I’m definitely a squiggly line guy!

  • As part of his Great Culling Project, mariner was thumbing through an old college book about philosophy when he came across the word ‘epistemology’. The definition from a philosophy book reads: Epistemology is the […]

  • World news, US news, local news, human news, environment news – all are disturbing. Is it the disorganization of global humanity? Perhaps it’s that there is nothing that is improving or that so much individual suf […]

    • Marty replied 1 month ago

      I braced myself for a diatribe about the news of the world, but this was a surprisingly uplifting post. “We have only our faith in ourselves, our ability to remain humane and courteous, our tenacity at remaining sane even in a social vacuum, and our commitment to accomplishment–if only to survive.” That is a great statement of the human spirit and relevant to the large and small challenges of every age. Thank you for this humane, courteous and inspiring post!

  • There is a legitimate scientific theory that we live in multiple universes. Not each one separate from the other but conjoined in the same physical space. This theory exists because it is a way to solve certain […]

  • ֎ Strolling about on the search engine, as is mariner’s wont, he came across an infrequent word that took him back to college/preacher days when he was reading about religion, philosophy and logic and as a pr […]

  • Mariner submitted a post yesterday warning of a political tendency toward authoritarianism saying that it was a prominent movement in local jurisdictions across the nation. In this morning’s mail Nate Silver at 5 […]

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