• The post will deal with this issue but first be sure to read Marc Miller’s response under Recent Comments. His lifestyle is right on the mark!

    Now, about Armageddon. According to the Book of Revelation in the […]

  • When mariner was in his sixties and had just retired, he thought, “Being old ain’t so bad.” He felt the new freedom of not having to work long days and forever flying off to some contract. Then he rolled into his […]

    • I could not agree with your post more. My wife goes to church to interact with her friends as much if not more than for spiritual enlightenment. I enjoy teaching at the apprentice school because 90 minutes before class, i congregate with a coupla’ old timers and we just “shoot the bull” before our classes begin. When school ends for the summer, I miss those guys! I’m also involved with the Local 486 Retired Members Club. We meet once a month to see who’s still living over coffee and buns. Life’s pretty good. I can’t physically do what I used to do, but there’s nothing I can do about that. I can try to stay sharp mentally, and judging by some of the morons I have to teach, I’m doing pretty well!

  • skipper wrote a new post, Stress 4 weeks ago

    Mariner suspects that the general population may feel stress. The columns written by psychologists suggest hands-on diversions and inter-human activities (Remember the post about Cheers where everyone knows your […]

    • Marty replied 4 weeks ago

      Groaning is better than moaning! Mariner has a great sense of humor and it is much appreciated. We need humor in our lives!

  • As regular readers know, mariner is spending the 2024 election living in a small apartment in Chicken Little’s hen house. His television in the hen house blocks news channels and stations. It’s a simple […]

  • Everyone, whether they consciously acknowledge it or not, is trying to swim in a turbulent sea. Change is everywhere. Mariner pulled two charts from Axios that document change in the normalcy of buying a house and […]

  • Mariner has been traveling, experiencing the wonderful Southwest Airline, mid-twentieth century airports, and marveling at the cultural and environmental differences between Iowa and Burbank California. While in […]

  • Let’s face it: the world we experience today, with its reminiscences of the last century, with an international consortium beginning to look ragged and stressed and the culture is not the public dynamo it once […]

  • skipper wrote a new post, Beyond Matrix 2 months ago

    Yes, our bold scientists have moved beyond Matrix. Read this excerpt from Science Magazine:

    “By squirting cells from a 3D printer, researchers have created tissue that looks—and acts—like a chunk of brain. In […]

  • skipper wrote a new post, Logarithms 2 months ago

    Yes, he knows, logarithms aren’t interesting. But the reader will have to put up with obtuse and irrelevant subjects while mariner spends time in Chicken Little’s henhouse.

    Cruising through Netflix, mariner […]

  • skipper wrote a new post, Spring is nigh 2 months ago

    After several weeks of near-zero temperatures, a foot of snow, a large lake at the end of the yard, bitter winds and muck in the yard, there are signs. Mariner is hesitant to celebrate. He has no trust in […]

  • Today, mariner was skimming through Associated Press news and came across an article about the discovery of a new flying dinosaur called Ceoptera:

    It was unearthed on the Island of Skye in Scotland. It […]

  • Suddenly, mariner’s two favorite magazines, The Atlantic and Scientific American, are writing articles about mariner’s favorite topic, the demise of the human race to be replaced by electronic life – the […]

  • This post shares a news item from Axios.

    A startup (Luka) best known for offering AI companions for romance and friendship is expanding into coaching, yoga and meditation — the latest AI industry effort to e […]

  • For all the readers who have taken to the air to ride an airplane to another place, they will understand existentially the problems of boarding an airplane. Of further interest is that boarding an airplane is an […]

  • Please, please dear readers, forgive him but mariner needs to make a point.

    Heretic, Redskin, Spic, Nigger, Wetback, Chink, Jap, Heb, Whop, Fag, Heine, A-rab, Polock, Trumper, Woke, Evangelical, Homo, poor . . […]

  • Mariner read once that truth is not a constant. Truths don’t last forever even if it takes a million years to change them. Truths are not forever.

    It is often perceived that mathematics, by its disciplined […]

  • Did the reader see Walmart’s press release about how they plan to use AI? Their plan is to manage your purchases for you. They will track your purchase history a la Google and assume what your purchasing choices […]

  • skipper wrote a new post, Snow 3 months ago

    Sitting out a very cold day with 7 inches of new snow, a seemingly useless and interfering stuff, mariner wondered if anyone was glad to see the snow. Serendipitously, the Atlantic published an article about how […]

  • Mariner is aware that any given person may have personal reasons for casting votes for a given Congressional candidate. He does not expect that his observations will be universal. Still, he must acknowledge the […]

  • Well, not really an etymology but it is about the words associated with religion. If one were to step back a good distance from the words used in religion, they would discover that there aren’t any major […]

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