• If the reader is thirsting for pure 100 percent intellectualism, read Harper’s Magazine. The journal always has looked to the abstract reasoning behind society, writing about the contribution of those who a […]

  • Here’s an interesting side note: Bill Gates is the largest farm owner in the United States. Ol’ farmer Bill.

    Gates and his wife have acquired more than 269,000 acres of farm in the United States in the past 10 […]

  • ֎ AXIOS distributed a concise and clear statement about why world population rates are dropping. It is a quality statement about a topic that doesn’t get much news coverage but can be a significant in […]

  • The authoritarian revolt of the belligerent right still deserves our attention and requires some serious effort to contain the movement. Whether the electorate understands that movement’s threat to the c […]

  • Does the reader remember the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP)? Twelve nations, primarily along the Pacific Ocean, negotiated a trade agreement. The nations were:

    United States • Singapore • Brunei • New Zeala […]

  • Mariner has mentioned a time or two that, as we all are well aware, these are changing times, perhaps greater than any war that bookends changes in power or any historical unrest that transforms a social age, […]

  • Mariner has a large window in his living room. It displays the street in front and a few houses across the street. Mariner has dubbed it his personal screensaver. It acts exactly like the ones on cable TV; most of […]

  • skipper wrote a new post, Trends 1 month, 1 week ago

    Folks tend to look for clues about climate change in weather patterns. It is true that climates are shifting but on a seasonal basis it is hard to measure how much is change and how much is typical variability. […]

  • Is Purgatory required by God, the Holy Roman Catholic Church or the medical profession? Mariner is of an age where he no longer is a mainstay of society, economics or politics. Like millions of other citizens, he […]

  • There are two very prominent moments when how students were taught changed dramatically. Today, a third seems to be emerging.

    ֎ The first moment was when the ‘University’ of Bologna was created in 1088. It was […]

  • No one denies the confrontational identity politics that prevails today; no one denies the emotional disruption of fifteen months in virtual isolation; no one denies the insecurity of a disappearing lifestyle that […]

  • Last Friday on an early, Way To Early, news show there was a piece about how manufacturers were resizing products to compensate for rising production costs rather than raising prices and lose customers. It has a […]

  • During the pandemic citizens became accustomed to ‘free shipping’ from online and storefront retailers. Amazon, for example, touted free shipping in two days. Behind the scenes, however, Amazon had forced sell […]

  • This information, taken from an Axios newsletter, shows the insidious and very serious threat of the conspiratorial right – in mariner’s own church a parishioner said “The American Flag comes first […]

  • Here is something interesting that reinforces the impact of inflation since 1950: in 1950, using Penn State prices, one year of college tuition, fees, board and books cost $1,365. In 2021, one year of college […]

  • Don’t sell your house until you have closed on the next one. The housing shortage increases day by day across the entire country. The price of housing increases daily as well. One might think it is a good t […]

    • You are too kind. Mariner, like Amos, is too engrained with skepticism. Had mariner been Moses, he would have poo-pooed the idea of parting a ‘sea’.

  • Yes, even news value in the ‘news’paper is disappearing. It is just another severe shift everyone faces in culture’s future. Over four hundred medium and large market newspapers have been bought by hedge funds […]

  • Covid, shelter-in, election turmoil, Afghanistan, Brexit, China, impeachments, perhaps these things still are unresolved but at least we’ve had a chance to beat them with sticks and throw stones, pushing them i […]

  • In the past year or two, mariner has complained that various groups and individuals don’t know what they are doing – especially the electorate. Many topics contribute to this ignorance: civics is not taught in pub […]

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    A member of the Cheney line (Dick Cheney, a Vice President under George W. Bush who actually was the shadow President in authority), Liz Cheney has the same strict conservatism as her heritage. She is a staunch, […]

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