• Like the scene on the battlefront in a war, there is much smoke, flying debris, destruction and conflict, but the scene is a battle for the ethos of the United States. Mariner decided to get above the commotion by […]

  • For the last few days mariner has been poking about in information about global population. As a general introduction to the subject, below is a clip from the New Statesman, a British web magazine:

    “Japan’s pri […]

  • An astute reader is aware that certain emotional behaviors seem not to be dependent on emotive learning as much as others. An appropriate response would be too long for a ’comment’ response so a posted res […]

  • skipper wrote a new post, Emotive Learning 5 days ago

    Very simply, emotive learning is something that happens in the subconscious; it is the function that converts conscious, real-world, three-dimensional experience into feelings. An easy example: From the day a baby […]

  • There’s nothing left to say about the world. It is on a roll that cannot be deterred. Mariner is reminded of the old song “Ghost Riders in the Sky”, a Frankie Lane hit. Humans have joined the chase for the Devil […]

    • Certainly not more than I wanted but your engagement is a gift in itself. Thanks for responding!

    • 3 songs – Grandpa was a Carpenter – John Prine
      Rikki Don’t Lose That Number – Steely Dan
      Beast of Burden – Rolling Stones
      2 popular singers – Linda Ronstadt, Robert Palmer
      1 song of spiritual insight – Like a Rolling Stone – Bob Dylan
      1 song of melancholy – Sloe Gin – Joe Bonamassa
      1 song that makes one want to dance – You Shook Me All Night Long – AC/DC
      1 song that makes me want to stop what I’m doing – Spirit of the Radio – Rush

      Thanks for letting me play! I’m sure there are some “Lovely Parting Gifts”.

  • The battle to sustain individuality and Homo sapiens authenticity has been won by AI. Watch the following clip then read on:

    Already AI is good enough to write novels, essays, legal briefs and singlehandedly […]

    • Not over! Not goodbye! We need every human voice (and blog) to speak out on behalf of the human experience vs. machines, technology, corporations and autocrats. Write on, Mariner!

  • skipper wrote a new post, Blur 1 week, 6 days ago

    The conflagration of our global society continues unabated. Around the world political leadership is absent. In the US, governments at all levels are narcissistic; while Rome burns, Missouri is preoccupied with […]

  • Mariner knows most of his readers are calloused to the abuses of privacy but perhaps one should know about another nosy source:

    Smart TVs are just like search engines, social networks, and email providers that […]

  • The agricultural industry is entering an increasingly rapid pace of change. It was only yesterday (and today) that farmers were encouraged to use no-plow techniques for large crop fields. Basically, the intent is […]


    The carbon wave is getting close. Is your yard grill the best choice? Output at the end of the process, that is, as your 10 filet Mignon cuts turn brown, has been measured:

    Gas grills win hands down. […]

  • skipper wrote a new post, What? 3 weeks, 5 days ago

    A few days ago, mariner visited his audiologist. In rural America, visiting the nearest audiologist means driving forty miles. Audiology along with dentistry, optometry and pharmacology are not covered under […]

  • In recent weeks mariner has been living alone, a solitary human, a shut-in. During the holiday season his wife has been off visiting their far-flung children for weeks at a time. This is an opportunity for mariner […]

  • skipper wrote a new post, Pakistan 1 month ago

    Until 2010, Pakistan was an economic powerhouse of the Middle East. Its Gross Domestic Product (GDP) at $263 billion was ten times larger than second ranked Sudan at $26 billion.

    In 2010, Pakistan had more than […]

    • I was surprised, too, Robert. The chart showed all the nations in the region and the stats showed Sudan second. However, I noticed one column of the chart showed GDP as a population statistic – Sudan was at the bottom; also, in an associated chart it was listed as South Sudan. Source was Wikipedia.

  • Stole the next paragraph from the Atlantic:

    “For the U.S. House, where multimember districts would be allowed by the Constitution (but are banned by statute), switching to proportional representation would m […]

  • skipper wrote a new post, Brian Bilson 1 month ago

    Mariner’s wife, as regular readers know, is a lifetime librarian, ardent reader and a published journalist and poet. She follows many poets, authors and journalists. The other day she offered a piece by Brian B […]

  • A few days ago, mariner was about to peel potatoes when he discovered his potato peelers were in the dish washer which was running a two-hour cycle. He had to use a paring knife. Wow! Is this a lost art! He must […]

    • You make a good point, Robert, in that the I.R. has given us big, pithy chunks of abstract time and talents far beyond the capabilities of our root-grubbing fingers. Life for humans is easier today but perhaps not for 16,000 extinct species or a warming Earth.
      The deepest concern I have is that The Earth has stopped and started all over again a number of times in its history; is our interpretation of primate behavior forcing the issue?
      Where is a governor when we need one?
      Thanks for responding.

  • A reader asked about the four zones of awareness. Rather than repeat the explanation, anyone interested should read ‘On Morality -2’ published September 30, 2022. One point that is very, very important to und […]

  • As mariner peruses his news sources, he notices a singular frame of reference. Below are the titles and summaries of just a few frequent topics:

    America’s Adult Education System Is Broken. Experts say that m […]

  • Television news, newspapers, magazines, internet news sources – all are filled with the difficulties of living in today’s topsy turvy world. Older folk can remember when the times had their difficulties, but the […]

  • As one of thousands of creatures in God’s Earth zoo, our human view of reality often is myopic. That view is important because it keeps our species alive from day to day. The downside, of course, is that it is e […]

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