• Mariner’s wife uncovered this actual test from 1954 on its original paper. Laying in the entire test as photographs would take many pages. Below is the top of the first page. The rest has been added as t […]

  • ֎ Mariner watched a short video from NEWSY broadcasting which revealed a growing market for farm equipment built with standard parts rather than having to abide by the privatized and copyrighted and BIG dollar […]

  • Private equity investors are different from venture capitalists, who provide a cash infusion to small startups and hope they blossom into the next Facebook. Nor are they stock traders making split-second decisions […]

  • ֎ Politico – Cars are capable of amassing data on nearly every aspect of a drive, from road conditions to whether or not you’ve gained weight since the last time you sat in the driver’s seat. If you connect your […]

  • skipper wrote a new post, Aging 6 days, 22 hours ago

    Before we start, here’s a headline for the reader:

    122 candidates running for election in November believe the 2020 election was stolen. Yes, Virginia, democracy is in great danger.

    – – – –

    ֎ Ma […]

  • All the fuss today is about the metaverse, how it is a three-dimensional version of reality. Around the world trillions of dollars are flooding into this commercially-focused technology. When one considers why the […]

  • Mariner hasn’t posted for the last few days. The reason is the break in the heat wave, allowing him to get out tending lawn and garden. Nevertheless, there are some situations that are significant to note. Each s […]

  • ֎ It turns out there is a big war between oligarchs about what will be the primary energy source for the future: Lithium or Hydrogen. Mariner suggests the reader put their money on Hydrogen; there are ways to […]

  • The fastest growing population of voters is the Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders (AAPI). A series of polls from different quarters suggest that, generally, this group leans toward the liberal democratic […]

  • skipper wrote a new post, A _o_ to pik 2 weeks ago

    It is true that the hearing impaired can be a nuisance, causing the speaker to repeat words and phrases and often requiring moving around so sound waves are not distorted by walls or distance and may require lip […]

  • Before we start, mariner has been asked about the accuracy and prejudice of his cluster of news sources. Anyone who knows mariner knows he is critical about everything – especially doctored facts. He has c […]

  • Economically, and therefore culturally, the planet is a mess. Way too many nations are on the brink of revolution, starvation, oppressive war by authoritarian governments or destructive, violent, militarized […]

  • Make no mistake, the next several years will get tougher than today. Already the climate is wreaking havoc with the economies of whole nations – including the United States. Everyone already knows that the less f […]

  • The Hidden Life of Trees by Peter Wohlleben was published in 2016. It is a best seller because of its warm and fuzzy description of the life of trees and other plants. Wohlleben accomplishes this by giving trees […]

  • The Atlantic had an interesting article about the overhead of zoom communication. Generally, speaking when normal senses are disrupted causes fatigue and distraction. The article listed the following:

    Zoom […]

  • ֎ If the reader hasn’t checked in on science since their days in high school and college, they may need this update:

    “B mesons come in many varieties, but all have a constituent called a bottom antiquark. One […]

  • Greetings, Marc. Just want to clarify the difference between mariner’s pony cart and an Anabaptist pony cart. His ponies are democrats not communists. Good to hear from you.

  • A frequent subject on the blog is the shape of United States participation in globally-based economics. Often mentioned is the big three of the ‘Sumo’ league, US, China and India, who have economies large eno […]

  • What must it have felt like to societies that were at war before the invention of explosives and then experienced bullets, bombing and impersonal killing? Before explosives, war was very personal; brutal […]

    • If someone else will provide the ponies and cart, I’ll kick in the black trousers and suspenders, bland grey long sleeve shirt and straw hat. You’ll have to grow your own beard.

    • Greetings, Marc. Just want to clarify the difference between mariner’s pony cart and an Anabaptist pony cart. His ponies are democrats not communists. Good to hear from you.

  • Mariner hasn’t posted since the three-horse series (except for a quickie about undetectable spyware on smartphones; mind your personal pornography). Dealing with negatives without a break isn’t fun – noting publi […]

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