• McCarthy kicked out, eh. Talk about distraction! Today’s news is becoming so diverse and scattered across the subjects of human life that one may need advanced degrees to understand the nuance, detail and […]

  • Sincere moments reminiscent of our distant past sometimes occur today as if they were a fine artifact in an archeological dig. We have long forgotten certain attitudes and experiences that were moments to live by. […]

  • Human society as we know it today began as the last ice age receded, about 20,000 years ago. The earliest known communal societies were during the Neolithic Revolution, a time when the plant environment began to […]

  • The premise of this post is to examine the impact of progress upon the cultural perceptions that existed in 1778 when the United States was born. Progress is not a bad thing; the benefits in comfort, health and […]

  • The reader can probably quote the subject of the top four headlines without turning the television on. Give it a try. Here is a sample: Trump, Biden, climate disaster and cost of living; there are variations. The […]

  • skipper wrote a new post, We are in debt 3 weeks ago

    Mariner and his wife were talking about things in general when a meaningful metaphor emerged:

    Every animal on the planet has to pay cash. Humans, however, have a credit card and it is maxed out.

    Humans have, […]

  • skipper wrote a new post, All over again 4 weeks ago

    We live in a time of change, no doubt about it. Not just the normal change between generations or the systemic changes brought on by cyclical weather eras or the changes in economics brought on by political […]

  • The following is a quote from Associated Press (AP):

    Drescher told The Associated Press the moment is about the entire world of work, and a larger stand against corporate leaders who value shareholders over the […]

  • ֎ The first significant example of a railroad train was in 1825. By the 1860s trains had replaced most canal and river trade. Unless one was engaged in commerce, daily life still was limited to how far a horse […]

  • If you remember the melody, sing the lyrics – out loud with enthusiasm!
    [Verse 1]
    Oh Stewball was a racehorse
    And I wish he were mine
    He never drank water
    He always drank wine

    [Verse 2]
    His bridle was […]

  • Mariner visited his primary care physician yesterday. He is an excellent doctor and has become a friend. The first thing he wanted to do in his office was show mariner photographs he had taken at the annual West […]

  • Note that I included a special sentence just for you, Robert:
    “This is all a matter of individual genes; many will have an easier time but most will not be well.” You have good genes!

  • From The Week magazine:

    Don’t blame the politicians for our gerontocracy. Any of us would find it hard to quit a job that pays well, has endless benefits, automatic prestige and guaranteed s […]

    • This is a very clear and succinct overview of the generations. The problem posed at the end could be addressed if seniors and oldies returned to the idea of communes—for those who remember the 60’s. Just as hippies created or found their own families by living communally, wouldn’t it be fun for aging hippies to return to their roots? Shared housing, shared economies, shared dining, and free love—maybe that is the appeal of the Villages!

    • Note that I included a special sentence just for you, Robert:
      “This is all a matter of individual genes; many will have an easier time but most will not be well.” You have good genes!

  • Ranchers because the ‘government’ keeps replenishing wolves in their pastures.

    Moralists who think ‘government’ isn’t doing its job when a woman chooses to abort her pregnancy.

    States Rightists who think ‘go […]


    Mariner’s alter ego Guru, responsible for wide ranging philosophical and futuristic insights, claimed in a recent post that the Apocalypse already has begun. There have been queries about de […]

  • Everyone with a television or a radio knows the climate is shifting. Typically, scientists and weather broadcasters will cite old weather records that are broken by today’s storms, flooding, drought and heat, i […]

  • Does the reader feel a slight comforting breeze? Just for a second, nothing that will turn around climate or political heat. Whoops, it’s gone. Nevertheless, being able to see a cloud in a blue sky through bomb s […]

  • Mariner allowed Guru to offer a spontaneous thought about the state of things. Guru said, “Armageddon isn’t going to happen because there won’t be enough souls around for Jesus to bother coming back. Howev […]

  • Has the reader noticed that among cloth generally, there are many different fabrics? Each has a unique feel to it. For example, one can clearly tell the difference between silk and denim, or suede and wool, or […]

  • Yes, it’s common knowledge that few citizens think Congress cares about them – about 74 percent on a recent poll, another poll had it in the 80s. Two large and lengthy articles have been written this week abo […]

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