As every news-wise reader knows, spirituality is suffering staggering setbacks not only in formal religions but in politics (spirit of democracy), finance (plutocracy) and culture (weaponized classes). Spirituality is one of the cosmetics a person uses to present themselves as a human creature. Spirituality sets the tone of all personal beliefs from the subconscious self to general personality and to one’s role in society. Yet, it is a will-o-the-wisp phenomenon. From where does spirituality arise? How does a person apply this ‘cosmetic’?

It is difficult to disseminate spirituality from cultural reality. For example, the Holy Bible has a huge impact on what spirituality is, as well as do all sacrosanct sources and ideological writings. How does one present an example of the dynamics of spirituality? After all, it is the foundation of ethics, morality, socialization and personal stability.

Mariner has decided to demonstrate spirituality through a valid but not often used premise: naturalism.

The Universe is God – unending, omnipotent, multidimensional and pervasive of all energy and context.

The prophet, AKA Jesus, Mohammad, et al, is Planet Earth. As Earthlings, the planet sets our ethics and morality through the manner by which humans respect and count on a solid, meaningful and compliant role within the planet’s biosphere. When we feel “all is right with the world” we are experiencing the impact of a spiritual bond with the planet.

As readers are aware, the very terms ethics and morality are easily misinterpreted, irregularly revalued and can be distorted for immoral reasons. To keep this treatise short, amalgamate all the pros and cons related to global warming – a confrontation with, possibly an abuse to the spirituality of the planet. Examples of violating spirituality in other religions is the crucifixion of Jesus, cutting off clitorises in Islam, and, just maybe, slavery.

An imbalance in spirituality caused by immoral interpretations of the biosphere will lead to disruptive behavior in the context of planet ethics. For example, the abuse of oil and the artificial interference provided by automation slowly have allowed chemical, cultural and population issues to be disruptive – creating turbulence in the biosphere. In other words, our cosmetics are smeared.

In this bare-bone example, it may be hard to imagine the phenomenon of bliss or spirituality. Like all moments of spiritual awareness, it is a fleeting moment of complete belonging, something as simple as feeling a fresh breeze or freeing a trapped animal or perhaps preventing an industrial project that would lead to the extinction of local biomass. The cosmetic has doses of compassion as well as biological territorialism but there always is a sense of belonging to the planet rather than to one’s self.

Belonging is the lock-in. Do we belong to democracy? Do we belong to Jesus? Do we belong to our community? Do we belong to a greater existence? Do we belong to our planet?

Ancient Mariner

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