Does anyone have a plot line?


By Wiley:

Is it possible that our eager scientists are consumed by the phrase, “I do it because I can”? Is Homo sapiens ready for an automated lifestyle? Is the biosphere ready for Homo sapiens to have an automated lifestyle?

Scientists have created Xenobots, computer cells that can reproduce. Even Steven Hawking predicted this will be the demise of humanity.

Over the millennia, humans have learned to adapt to significant changes in the biosphere status quo; everything from ice ages to rocket ships and nuclear bombs. But each epoch was singular – just one at a time.

It isn’t the same today. There is AI, collapsing nationalism, global warming, social abuse, over-population and the waning of Adam Smith economics.

Can we Homos handle it?

Ancient Mariner

1 thought on “Does anyone have a plot line?

  1. I doubt if it was ever one problem at a time. Even as Rome was burning there was the eternal question, “What’s for supper?”

    The answer to the question “Can we Homos handle it?” is Yes We Can! (Wouldn’t that make a catchy political slogan?)

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