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Everyone should make a point of continuing to learn new things about life and nature. Like exercises, we do it every day, right? However, mariner offers a few classes below that are interesting.

֎ From Scientific American, issue July/August 2023, is an article that suggests to us that bees are as intelligent as many birds. For example, they can problem solve both by trial and error and by learning from fellow bees; they also express emotional traits like happiness and PTSD.

֎ This coming Wednesday, July 5 on PBS a new series premiers called Human Footprint, a series that explores the creation and destruction caused by humans on the planet.

֎ Also on PBS online is the examination of the human mind as it is influenced by the subconscious. Mariner has recommended this film before but if you haven’t seen it, it explains the society we live in today. Look for ‘Hacking the Mind’.

֎ Science News has an article online that questions whether exercise is good for mental health. It suggests a yes and no scenario. The article gives an overview from which the reader can select more detailed information about exercise and health. See

֎ What does ‘floccinaucinihilipilification’ mean? For those who may not know the meaning, it’s a bad habit.

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