About the ‘do nothing’ Congress

Yes, it’s common knowledge that few citizens think Congress cares about them – about 74 percent on a recent poll, another poll had it in the 80s. Two large and lengthy articles have been written this week about new ways to redesign Congress and new ways to collect votes.

Fewer but larger state districts

If states had only two or three districts and each district had several representatives based on election percentages, this would make gerrymandering virtually impossible and would guarantee both parties (or more) would represent each district. Many countries already use this model, e.g., Australia.

Rank voting

This idea has been around for several years. Instead of counting votes exclusively for one party or another, the vote would include the total vote from all parties and the highest count would win. (For a detailed review, see ‘Ranked Voting – 2’ post published on April 2, 2022). Several states already have moved to this method first made by Alaska. This method does not change congressional seats.

What is new is the degree of angst among political writers that the two-party system will, in fact, destroy the nation. Now, party choice among the electorate is close to equal which means an evenly split Congress that can’t get anything done. Worse, the abuse of gerrymandering has become so extreme that minority races and opposing liberal-conservative representation do not have equal vote status – even when they vote.

The other condition is that if two weaponized parties continue to fight one another, both parties will move to extreme political positions. Does this seem familiar? This is the issue that bothers political thinkers.

These changes have a tough road ahead – especially in Dixie. Changing the structure of Congress requires changing the Constitution; while we’re at it, why don’t we change the Second Amendment as well?

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