What Should We Care About?

The mariner has experienced the hopelessness of righting the mighty wrongs of this world. Henceforth, he will trust in the vengeance of God as Armageddon is smote upon us.

He will abide the future ordained by the imminent asteroid.

He will bask in the warmth of whatever it is that is getting warmer but doesn’t exist.

He will ignore the burdens loosed by Pandora.

He will trust the horsemen to deliver the Apocalypse.

He will leave our resolve to the Sun.


The mariner will focus on matters of the mundane, inquisitive, whimsical and oddly irrelevant, all things considered:

Puppy farms persist in Iowa.

Cricket invasion in home town.

Mentioned to some readers, the mariner still is intrigued by unintended phenomena from genome manipulation.

Will Robert Downey Jr. find honor in “The Judge?”

Is the Catalina 22 sailboat a sporting model for the Gulf?

Why is coffee so important to the liver?

On World News Now, what happened to Reena Ninan?

It was mentioned recently that diabetes will kill someone before smoking does. Does this mean diabetics have nothing to lose if they smoke?


We’ll see how it goes…


Ancient Mariner


2 thoughts on “What Should We Care About?

  1. So glad to see the Mariner back on the dock. The musings are always interesting, but I also like the lovely blue sailboat graphic.

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