Wait, the Taxes are still being Audited.

Adam Davidson, a freelance journalist associated with PBS, wrote an article for New Yorker magazine that exposes neatly why Donald didn’t want to give up his taxes. When Donald was unexpectedly elected President, he was in the midst of a real estate deal with crooked government officials in Azerbaijan, a small nation that sits between Russia and Iran. The particular officials in question are a front for the Iranian Revolutionary Guard – a militant political power in Iran that sponsors terrorism around the world. Donald backed out of the deal when he won the election.

It is an entertaining story in its own right, full of nonsensical arrangements and thinly veiled money laundering schemes.[1] Incidentally, any person or business, no exceptions, making private deals with foreign government officials is not allowed, period. Participating privately in foreign military affairs is not allowed, period. Privately aiding and abetting enemies of the state is not allowed, emphatically. Any of these will cost prison time and yuge, really yuge fines.

Learning of this business arrangement, and of two or three arrangements with Russian government officials, and another international deal involving the oust of the current President of Ukraine, the news broadcasts this week have had a pleasant element for a change. We must thank Donald for throwing in one of his pathological comments claiming Barack tapped his telephone. A comparison between Barack and Joe McCarthy was like an after dinner mint.

Lack of action to do something about their President pushes the Republicans further into a desperate corner. The less than victorious presentation of the replacement for the Affordable Care Act doesn’t help, either. Sooner or later dragging their feet will not be enough. Investigative committees and special prosecutors are in the wings. These special investigating teams have the authority to subpoena Donald’s tax records. He may well choose to resign the Presidency if his taxes are subpoenaed but he will not be able to escape prosecution for the type of behavior presented by Adam Davidson – unless Republicans offer him a deal…

Donald’s one dimensional view of reality is about to bring him down. Mariner suggests readers (to some degree) turn their attention to legislators in their own Federal and state districts. Remember redistricting will be performed by those who are elected 20 months from now.

Ancient Mariner

[1] See http://www.newyorker.com/magazine/2017/03/13/donald-trumps-worst-deal

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