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The latest impact of the election is just beginning to trickle in. It is hard to glean from the mismanagement of the administration compounded by the old Republican Congressional machine (which includes many democrats) with roots back to Reagan in the 80’s and birth certificates hovering around 1940-1955. The mariner has read several sources about which he trusts rationality, fairness, and unbiased evaluation. The best source, that is the richest in terms of providing future insight, is an article from The Atlantic by Ronald Brownstein.[1] The statistics pulled together by Brownstein are the data behind the mariner’s observations.

Things will be turned over to the millennials in the 2018 elections when for the first time baby-boomers will be outnumbered at the polls. This situation will be more influential when citizens born since 2001 will have 5% of the vote.

Still, the young voters will have hard economic times as the international philosophies of economics and cultural ethics come under great turmoil. The entire world is entering an economic crisis as the chasm between corporate profit and job/income come to loggerheads – at the blessing of massive automation.

Focusing on 2018 elections, it could be an evolutionary transition to Democratic Party ideals that is a move toward contemporary concern for individual citizens over the lifespan of their wellbeing. But this is not guaranteed. Many workers, many, many workers, will be jobless by 2020. It is not a simple political party or states’ rights issue anymore.

What the voters need more than anything is a strong, ethical, moral and educated government at Federal and state levels who will be able to sail the heavy seas over the next 50 years and deliver justice – however that is defined.

An example of how powerful party politics is can be observed in the recent news item about Montana’s election costs. In Montana, each county pays for elections whether Federal, state or local. Montana has sparse population and each county must spread government costs among very few taxpayers. Unfortunately, Montana has had three state-wide elections in a very short time. The election boards in each county met to discuss ways to reduce election cost. They quickly came to the conclusion that a mail-in system would be affordable.

Everyone thought this was a good solution until the republican controlled legislature vetoed the bill because the mail-in vote would be the demise of the republican controlled government.

The mariner suggests that one push one’s horizon of cause and effect as we enter a truly metamorphose period of human history.


Mariner, like most of you, is not interested in physical exercises. Still this is a lax attitude about serious physical weakness. One exercise he recommends is to walk up the stairs without the help of holding on to the railing. Simply walk up the stairs on your own two legs. You will be surprised how much more exercise is required of your quadriceps and how much more you must depend on balance. Don’t do this going down the stairs; you may die if you lose your balance.

Ancient Mariner

[1] See https://www.theatlantic.com/politics/archive/2017/03/can-millennials-save-the-democratic-party/518523/

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