To be honest

Mariner is depressed. He is on the verge of tears. He is angry. He is distraught. He casts out those who hold in trust the governments of this and many other nations.

He no longer can listen to political discourse that denies the existence of humanism and compassion. He can no longer tolerate the role of wealth and station as it rapidly rots society. He can no longer abide the greed of corporatism and plutocracy.

Mariner casts out all political parties. He casts out social class prejudices.

Mariner abhors the role of dollars as the foundation and measure of common good.

Mariner believes big data is criminal to the core, sucking human diversity out of every person without constraint, ethic or recompense.

Mariner stands with those who believe the planet already has been irreversibly compromised by the human species.

Mariner believes in unbiased goodness. He believes in caring, sharing and compassion for all living things, for all that exists.

There is not even a trace of these beliefs today.

Ancient Mariner


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