Gnats from the Gnews

֎ Who needs China? The US has Google:

Google used the location data it collects from Android phones to build global indices of how much people have stopped moving around, for every country and major city.

֎ A study identified 12,706 Android apps that “contained a variety of backdoors such as secret access keys, master passwords, and secret commands.” They could allow developers, hackers and others access to user accounts.

֎ Business executives and small business owners fear a destructive collapse of the economy if shutdowns extend past May. Executives want a plan in place in April regardless of virus status.

֎ The battle is on in Wisconsin. The democratic Governor wanted to extend the primaries and introduced a plan to vote by mail in November. The republican legislature quickly shot down those suggestions. Wisconsin would have had its primaries this Tuesday but the Governor overrode the rejection. The action will go to the courts. Remember that Wisconsin is an exceptionally important state for Donald. Statistics say he must win Wisconsin to win reelection.

֎ Mariner’s family has been using the following website to track the virus state by state. Check it out:

֎ Although no one is asking, Joe is ahead of Bernie in national polls 51.6 to 32.

֎ According to Nate Silver at 538, Donald’s approval rating stands at 50.5 disapproval to 45.2 approval. If Donald knows anything, he knows how important exposure on television is – hence his unnecessary and undependable appearance at the virus briefings. It’s the only opportunity he has; the virus is the only news game in town.

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