These days it’s a new idea: unity

The shift to a focused democratic campaign over the last day or two has intensified the effort by voters who believe policy and fervor are the primary objectives to win the election in November. Now that there are two principle candidates, one policy oriented and the other not, one calm and the other cantankerous, it is easier for voters to merge personality, politics and purpose.

Since the campaign began, many have pondered whether the democratic party could unify itself in time for the campaign against Donald. Fortunately, the Citizen Board of Directors spoke on Super Tuesday and dismissed a billionaire and the worthy but diverse tagalongs who have good intentions but are distracted by policy as the primary reason to be nominated.

Bernie’s organization wasted no time in ramping up their activity: Mariner and his wife already have received email from private citizens and Bernie that Joe is no match for Donald and more importantly Joe does not have a platform for the future.

It is hard in this day of identity politics and populism but the democrats must try unity as a platform. Thus far in the campaign issues have been divided among progressives, moderates, millennials, Zs and old people. Always there has been only one issue: beat Donald.

Mariner mentioned in previous posts that the value of Joe is that he is like printer paper that hasn’t been printed on yet. Who dislikes clean paper? Joe is a unifier specifically because he is not a policy wonk. Everyone can vote for Joe with the confidence that he will not turn against any of the democratic visions.

What it will take to assure Donald is beaten is a massive, 100 percent turnout of democrats; none of the 20-odd democratic candidates can win without a giant turnout. Some democrats want to vote only for Bernie, or only for Elizabeth, or only for Pete, or only for Tom. This does not assure democratic victory in November. Everyone, even some republicans can and must vote for Joe – after all, he is blank paper.

Being blank paper but having all the executive powers Donald is abusing will allow the democratic vision to be installed in a comprehensive way. It is common knowledge that the Board of Directors is dissatisfied with the conflict and bickering between parties and the growing disparity between rich and poor. Plain Joe will fill positions in the cabinet with ideologues, advocates of the democratic experience, and over his tenure will promote democratic representation in state governments – without calling everyone by a diminutive nickname.

Finally, Joe will be in a position to push archaic, immoral Senate republicans out of office. Only after the Senate is overturned will the democratic ideologues be able to create a better nation.

Yes, mariner knows Joe is not exactly ambitious but anyone can vote for him without fear of reprisal – everyone will get a chance to type their own opinions on Joe’s blank page. Anyone can beat Donald with enough votes in spite of his incessant, belligerent narcissism.

Ancient Mariner


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