A has-been nation is on the horizon

First, a tidbit mariner learned about ‘deep state’ from an article in the Atlantic: A former Republican congressional aide named Mike Lofgren had introduced the phrase into the political bloodstream with an essay in 2014 and a book two years later. Lofgren meant the nexus of corporations, banks and defense contractors that had gained so much financial and political control—sources of Washington’s corruption. But conservatives at Breitbart News and Fox News redefined the term to mean internal resistance against conservative (Trumpian) leadership.

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A quote from Donald on November 23, 2017: “I’m The Only One That Matters.” Donald said Of State Department Job Vacancies.

Sixty percent of top-ranking diplomats in the State Department have left; applications to join the corps has fallen by half, according to the American Foreign Service Association.

Fifty top administrators in the Department of Justice have resigned.

More than 700 employees, and more than 200 of them scientists, have left the EPA since Trump took office and appointed Scott Pruitt, who denies human activity contributes to climate change and had repeatedly sued the agency, to run it.

Most of the electorate knows Donald would like to be a dictator along the lines of Putin where the government is genuinely authoritarian regardless of its government operations and embezzlement is the prize. Donald is a distasteful subject from any direction.

But the electorate must be made aware of how seriously vulnerable the United States has become in an age of internationalism that changes by the day. The sophistication of US government operations actually is a significant weapon in a world of battling nations. The US government is (was) the glue that held together most of the western world’s liaisons, international agreements and containment of aggressive nations like Russia and North Korea.

Donald has no interest in any subject that doesn’t generate personal income or aggrandizement. He doesn’t care about global warming because he is deeply invested in international oil to a greater extent than his war against the EPA – for which the entire nation will suffer dearly over the next thirty years. Another four years may well break the nation as a player among other nations. The US will be a has-been nation.

Ancient Mariner

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