These are the times . . .

֎ Illinois law bans schools from fining students. So local police are doing it for them, issuing thousands of tickets a year for truancy, vaping, fights and other misconduct. Children are then thrown into a legal system designed for adults. Read article at:

֎ “The 79-year old Biden worked closely with former Sens. HARRY REID, BOB DOLE, and JOHN WARNER, former Secretary of State COLIN POWELL and Vice President WALTER MONDALE, whose memorial he will speak at on Sunday in Minnesota. He spoke Wednesday at the ceremony for former Secretary of State MADELEINE ALBRIGHT.”

Most of Joe’s elected friends are dead, many retired. Bless Joe for trying; mariner thinks Joe’s job is a lot harder for Joe because the good ol’ boy Congress hasn’t existed for a long time. The nation needs term limits based on age!

֎ Mariner couldn’t have written the article below better. There may be hope yet for the return of Christ’s message. You must read this accounting!

Ancient Mariner

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