Contemporary Blood

Mariner has lamented in the past that our government representatives do not relate to today’s culture. The existential experience of citizens today is not an experience that folks over 60 can have. He coined the term ‘codgerism’ to identify this phenomenon. This is why mariner advocates age limits rather than term limits.[1]

Mariner therefore was pleased with a spread in USA TODAY that presented ten strong women who, if elected, by themselves will introduce contemporary thought in a codger-bound legislature. Topping the youngness statistic, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (NY) and Abbey Finkenauer (IA), ages 28 and 29 respectively, will set records as the youngest Representatives in the House.

Further, Congress may feel a change in priorities as a record number of young nonwhites and nonChristians are running for Congress. Politico reports:

Congress is poised to look a lot different next year. With primary season winding down this week, Democrats have nominated a record-breaking 180 women in congressional primaries. They’ve also nominated at least 133 people of color and 158 first-time candidates. “White men are in the minority in the House Democratic candidate pool,” Elena Schneider reports. In the 125 districts where the Democratic incumbent isn’t seeking reelection or the Republican-held seat is at risk of flipping, 65 nominees are women, 30 are people of color and 73 have never run for elected office before.

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Mariner suggests beyond youthfulness another significant change in legislatures will occur when states begin using the speed and much less expensive methods of mail-in and electronic voting instead of mandating walk-in, in person voting; this is imminent especially at the state level as one solution to international hacking. The Dixie states will be the last to make the change because ID and inconvenient polling centers are a way of sustaining blatant racism.

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Mariner predicts that not much will be restored or improved by Congress if Donald is not impeached. His cabinet and his executive powers will thwart democratic efforts. This situation is important because the next election is only two years away and progress may not be visible to the electorate.

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Many controversial issues may be ignored by the Federal Court system because Donald and the GOP have appointed an unusually large number of judges. Jeff Sessions has been busy appointing judges in the special courts under Department of Justice control. In addition, the appointment of Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court will send the bench back into the last century (Judges can be too old, too).

Ancient Mariner

[1] See Coming of Age Past 60, May 6, 2018 for a full lamentation.