Liftoff to the General Election

Many readers may have heard the news media touting two pieces of news: first, Hillary’s staff implied Bernie was being considered as a possible Vice President; Bernie said he would be open to the Vice Presidency on Hillary’s ticket; second, Bill Kristol can’t find anyone to be an establishment figurehead to run on a third ballot – meaning Donald is in charge until the Republican Convention and further to election day in November.

These two pieces of news eliminate every calculable solution other than the weirdest, outlandish guess possible – like one of the candidates dies or a devastating meteor strikes the Earth over Washington DC.

Bernie said in effect that he knows he has lost and would accept an offer to be VP on the Hillary ticket. This does two things: it allows Bernie’s army to “lay down their arms.” Further, it puts Hillary in a position of “I won! Bernie said so!” but now Hillary must find a way to bring Bernie on board that seems collaborative. In any case, there will be no contested Democratic Convention in Philadelphia. The democrats should easily unify behind a Hillary nomination as the campaign rolls into Election Day – including as many independents, progressives, college-educated and students who will actually vote. Nevertheless, Bernie will push for his legislative goals to the very end of the convention.

William Kristol should do his homework. Third party campaigns never work and elect the opposite party’s candidate who otherwise may not have won (Jimmy Carter for example). Without a third party option, the role of republican establishment is limited to trying to save down-ballot elections they can in Congress knowing that no self-respecting candidate will join the coattails of Donald in a close local competition. If it becomes true that Donald walks into the Republican Convention with a delegate lock on the nomination, it will be a non-event although entertaining to watch media cover behind-the-scenes scrambling.

Donald apparently likes lieutenants with a harsh style. His campaign manager is Corey Lewandowski (most famous for assault charges at a rally).  Former New Hampshire Republican Party Chairman Fergus Cullen said he thinks Lewandowski is drawn to a “burn the boats, blow up the bridges campaign.” To deal with the early lapse in delegate management, Donald hired Ken McKay (ex-Chris Christie) to fix things. Bobby Jindel said, “This is not a guy who wastes his time going on cable TV and running his mouth. Trump hiring Ken McKay is a bad thing for the Ted Cruz campaign; I can assure you of that.” Just recently, Donald hired Steve Mnunchin to lead the general election fund raising campaign for the Republican Party and other republican candidates running for office.

Steve Mnunchin is the ringleader of a small group of billionaires who bought IndyBank, a relatively large bank, as it was preparing to file bankruptcy. One of the earlier bank bankruptcies in the recession, IndyMac had a loose mortgage lending policy that quickly filled with bad mortgages. Mnunchin changed the bank name to OneWest and (many say fraudulently) foreclosed on all the mortgages.

If Hillary and Bernie are campaigning together, they will make hamburger of Mnunchin by selling him as an example of the 2008 recession abuse of family mortgages foreclosed on by mortgage banks – throwing families out on the street homeless. The shady forcing of foreclosures turns mortgages into huge profits. In this case, Mnunchin made $1.6B in less than a year with the FDIC paying for all the losses!

A postscript: Mariner finds he tires of nothing but Donald on broadcast and cable; mariner seeks other national and world news, quite important but not covered, by scrounging the Internet. Does the reader think all the dominance by Donald in the long run will bore the citizen in the coming months? The mariner is more interested in the post-election economic and budgetary priorities than in the romper room antics of the Donald general election campaign.

Ancient Mariner