Mariner often is chastised for persistent negativism. It’s not his fault; it’s Amos’s fault. Today, however, mariner makes an effort to report good news. It is about Newsy broadcasts on 283 DISH.

Regular readers may recall that mariner stopped watching CBS, NBC, ABC, Fox, MSNBC and CNN last fall. He collected his news from online sites, reputable magazines, newspapers and subject-specific websites for health, science, etc. He watched only two TV broadcasts: PBS News Hour and MSNBC Eleventh Hour with Brian Williams.

All the big, showy news broadcasts are flawed. Every one of them, whether soft-toned or sharp advocacy, reports very little news; they are totally preoccupied with gossip, speculation, accusation and market share. Donald is not the be all and end all of the world’s newsworthiness – but he plays to the press, feeding them easy candy and the broadcasters are addicted. Mariner read an item that said the ‘cable news’ stations contributed to increased tribalism and baiting the opposite political parties.

Mariner must prepare the reader for watching Newsy. We are accustomed to news broadcasts being ritzy with expensive studios, all broadcasters and pundits are Type A personalities with expensive wardrobes, coifed hair and even a picture that fills the entire TV screen. Newsy doesn’t fill the screen. Newsy doesn’t have high voltage lights and bright colors. Broadcasters are dressed in normal casual clothes. Broadcasters are young and tell the news with no fanfare or hype.

But wow! Mariner’s favorite part is how news headlines are presented. Because the news and only the news is given, each news item lasts an average of about 30 seconds. A friendly tone says it’s time to move to the next news item. This rapid fire presentation permits Newsy to cover the world’s headline news, domestic news, sports and throw in an occasional 15 minute examination of an interesting subject.

Most important, Newsy is apolitical; Newsy presents news that has no spin but still the viewer understands what truly is important about the news item. There is an air of PBS, Frontline and Nova but these people are young; they are serious; they are professional; they are not in show business.

Get your news from Newsy.

Ancient Mariner