Failing Humanity

The mariner grows weary of humanity. We are overcome by selfish legislation, abusive parents, uncaring school systems that knowingly disregard the health and stress of children in the name of law and procedure. One asks, “Where is the humanity?” but…. there is no humanity. Only a culture based on something besides humanity. There is something wrong about the role of school Principals. He didn’t like them as a student and he doesn’t like them now. Principles are responsible for children, not procedures.

 Christians speak of the presence of Jesus in our American Culture. Bullshit. Jesus wants each Christian to set rules in the best interest of each human, that they may be happy, healthy and spiritually whole.

Not in the United States. It’s financially restrictive rules that count and the “budget” constrained by lack of support in the property-based tax system. Whatever the tax system, why aren’t we, unconstrained citizens, mothers, fathers, and family allowed helping feed children when the capitalist bureaucracy fails?

The time is long overdue when we, the common citizen, can’t make our nation a happier nation. We are crushed by inhumane voting laws; crushed by abusive employee treatment gradually becoming indentured slavery; subject to the will of corporations to disregard civility and fair distribution of profits to those who created the wealth.

The solution is up to you and the mariner. We must take control of our society before we become slaves in a mechanistic environment serving the upper classes in our international world.

The least we can do as individuals is to make sure all children are fed – even on holidays and in the summer. The mariner pledges to support feeding children despite the capitalist government that turns its back on humanity. If you are interested, consult your school dietician; Principals will do their best to stop you. Rules, you know.

Ancient Mariner