Part I

Part I

The mariner is an old guy. Too old to run and play. Too old to have any motivation for work or for that matter any inconvenience. Too old. Having nothing else to do but be old, he is liberated from ambition, competitiveness, rampant emotion, and has a great desire to allay accountability to any purpose. This leaves him with an amazing amount of physical and mental freedom.

Being similar in age to wizened elders of several religions that pursue unification with a world beyond four dimensions, he understands now that a different worldview comes to mind when one is not obligated to four-dimensional success. Others may call this mindset escapist, lazy, demented or delusional but there is an order of comprehension beyond the mundane.

One must eliminate false interpretations. Obviously, this means eliminate every faux religious or self-righteous activity. The list is immense but a few examples are provided:

  • Any, ANY activity pursued for the sake of personal gain or stature – whether mental, spiritual, physical, pursuit of success or pursuit of empirical reward. This statement eliminates thousands of pseudo-virtuous activities.
  • Escapist behavior pursued for benefit of the self. Eliminate any attempt to elevate self-importance for positive or deranged reasons.
  • Compassion as an act in the moment. Compassion will be evaluated in further detail later. Examples at this point are compassion for kittens and puppies, I’m-better-than-these-people compassion, He/she-is-ugly compassion, I-feel-better-now compassion, He/she-is-like-Kennedy/Reagan compassion, they-are-a-teammate compassion, etc. It is compassion derived from any external perspective.
  • Allegiance to anything. Allegiance constricts the mind more completely than any other behavior. The art of advertising is the art of shaping one’s belief that a certain product, concept, or behavior is the best choice. Surely you have met someone who buys only Ford vehicles. The supreme example in the twentieth century is Nazi allegiance. Other countries, though less brutal, are quite the same in allegiance by their citizens. Some countries may be too broken for citizens to have allegiance typically because of war or tyranny.
  • Homocentric gluttony is the practice of consuming beyond normal necessity – taking into account that the Earth is a finite source with a lot of people. The wealthy are especially prone to gluttony. Homocentric gluttony is the act of consuming earthly materials, earthly fresh water, earthly energy, and earthly space for no other purpose than to consume. A few of the most egregious are corporate farming, construction, real estate, travel and home consumption of all forms of energy. In the United Kingdom, basically made up of islands, there are homes that were built four hundred years ago or older – not because the Brits are virtuous, it’s the limitation imposed by limited real estate.

Oneness is chosen as the word to describe an understanding of the universe, life on Earth and one’s lack of need for the mundane world beyond the constraints of one’s need to survive. By its nature, oneness invites exceptions. However, to claim exceptions implies a misunderstanding of oneness. Perceived exceptions will be reviewed later.

Using oneness avoids talking about six dharsanas, four yogas, five virtues, salvation, miracles, naturalism, humanism, six pillars of faith, two parts of the human soul, and being impervious to snake bites and other superiorities. Oneness accepts belief however it is ordained by any human being. To believe is an unavoidable human characteristic – even if it’s a momentary belief that one will win the lottery.

As an aside, the supreme contribution of the Internet is that one can major in any subject in one day instead of taking fifteen college credits over three years – meaning if you want to learn more about religions of the world or any topic you may have in mind, visit the Internet. It saves the mariner from writing a thick book and saves you a lot of money needed for college tuition.

Ancient Mariner



3 thoughts on “Part I

  1. I feel confused with the description of the fourth dimension that seems to imply or state that this is the typical dimension of most people here on Earth…I was under the impression that that was the third dimension. And you are saying that the dimension that could be striven for is the fifth dimension, which I think would be correct for “elders of religion” but not common people, who the next stop would normally be the fourth dimenison.

    We uses different frames of reference with a different use of jargon, and you are far more erudite than I am, so this is difficult.

    I think that the list of things to eliminate would fit striving for the fifth dimension or possibly the higher realms of the fourth dimension. I am more familiar with the fifth dimension which is something akin to pure thought,,there is nothing there, but a few stars, no time, no money, etc. It is a dimension for the soul, and soul repair.

  2. It is generally accepted now that time is the fourth dimension. The other three, height, width and depth can’t exist without time. I am not familiar with your description of the fifth dimension and would like to know more. Do you have references?
    Quantum Mechanics states that there are eleven dimensions existing simultaneously. Talk about hard to comprehend!!
    Ancient Mariner

  3. I will try to see if I can find some of them…it has been several years since I read about them, though I have been in the fifth dimension. I know that time or space time exists in the fourth dimension..I think I should have said that there is no sense of time passing..there is no structure of time, that is created artificially here on Earth. I will try to re read some of this stuff, but I do know that reality on Earth is generally referred to as the third dimensional reality. I have never adequately understood the fourth dimension except that I do know that beings unseen in the lower dimensions are perceived here(for our purposes we could say things like demons..they, or some of them are in the fourth dimension).

    Please bear with me in this attempt to integrate different understandings of these concepts. For instance, when you use the term reality, I use the term consciousness. This may be because reality in physics is referred to in the decreasingly easily observable reality is talked about in physics, they are referring usually to the structure of the universe, how atoms, molecules etc. interact. In recent years this has been the definition of reality when I now use. I think that ..implicit reality is the term for the more mechanistic structure and explicit reality is the term for the more directly observable material reality, while consciousness is something entirely different, and they do not even like to think about it in physics, or many of them dont. I will have to look this stuff up again.

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