֎ It seems the democratic candidates are trying to keep the party truck on the highway. Joe should incorporate a clearly progressive objective into his platform to demonstrate his support for Bernie’s advocates and Bernie needs to cancel pejorative, personal assaults on Joe. Still, Bernie must stay in the race all the way to the democratic convention to keep the progressive bloc participating in the process to nomination. No citizen, democratic, independent, moderate, other than white, white, progressive or otherwise can miss or not feel part of the presidential election in November. Remember the wicked witch of the Electoral College.

֎ The tactics of the professional health experts appear to be making progress in managing the public regarding the coronavirus. The tactics seem fragmented but just may constitute a unified plan on different levels. The big challenge is to have enough tests available. Mariner’s fear is that Donald and Congress will pass blanket relief for the financially challenged but at the same time will give the oligarchs a windfall.

Coronavirus is dominating all news traffic at the moment which is appropriate. Sequester and quarantine may cause income damage but may provide a fresh focus on things. It may be a chance to do some face time with the family. Can the reader still name them all? Mariner’s wife suggested a self-managed job for high schoolers freed from attendance: babysit for families where younger children are home alone.

֎No NBA? No March Madness? No Indian Wells? No Tokyo Olympics? What’s a chair jock to do? Virus is one thing but this is going too far! Mariner already has overbuilt the Alaskan wilderness, botched all of Alton Brown’s recipes, remodeled over a hundred homes, memorized the history of England, listened to Morgan Freeman tell the story of God twice, won dozens of times on Family Feud and failed terribly at Jeopardy. What’s left? No, No – not cable news! Time to try ROKU.

Ancient Mariner


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  1. My brother in law, Mike, and I have a saying when our wives ask us what we plan on doing on Sundays. Somewhere, someone is hitting, catching, throwing or kicking a ball and we intend to watch them. That no longer works!

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