Does Virus = More Donald?

Now mariner is frightened. Chicken Little is apoplectic. Mariner learned today that States are beginning to push out primaries for months. The virus may keep a hoard of voters away from the polls in November; one politician suggested extending the election for a year!!! Mariner’s palsied and now frantic fingers can barely type.
It is classic Donald luck that a pandemic came along after he had defunded the department that handles pandemics. The pandemic is apolitical and Donald clearly doesn’t know what to do. Ironically, the virus comes at the end of his first term and may affect the election greatly in his favor. Mariner is speechless and on the verge of epileptic and catatonic failure.
Rick Wilson, a popular pundit on MSNBC, wrote a book titled, “Everything Trump Touches Dies.” It is true – his cohorts cast aside to serve jail time, government stalwarts and experts tossed out like garbage, and a nation falling to its knees. He wouldn’t be around except for his father’s money, the stealing of liquid assets from several of his corporations forcing bankruptcy, tax fraud, and collusion with several dictators all of whom are involved in oil.
Justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg is our saint, our example of salvation. Justice Ginsberg stays on the Supreme Court bench in spite of a health condition that would have sent most folks to the afterlife years ago. The electorate must emulate Saint Ginsberg. Keep the faith; keep the voter registration card at hand; stay alive to vote in November.
Mariner is going to the shop to make trellises.
Ancient Mariner

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