The silent majority has decided to participate in the government it knows nothing about. For the first time, perhaps in more than a hundred years, the silent majority decided to vote. One can’t blame them; they live in the hinterland. There is little beyond a voter’s personal physical experience to provoke thought, global reality, the subtleties of grace and compassion.

The silent majority does not include the poor, disenfranchised, inventive, socially experienced, introspective or even the plutocrats among us. The silent majority is, above all, imperialistic, self centered and judgmental of all sophistication.

Pollsters and analysts are unaccustomed to counting the silent majority because the silent majority never participates. But now we have learned who comprises the silent majority.

They are racist.

They are not collaborative.

They live in the past.

They are pragmatic to a point of failure.

They deny truths about science, society, economics, accountability, and responsibility for their species.

There was a glimmering of hope that finally we would break free of the Reconstructionist fear of change to keep up with the present. Will the silent majority ever learn that you can’t go back?

Across a lifetime of participation in the democratic philosophy, the electorate has failed the mariner – again.


Ancient Mariner


2 thoughts on “FINI

  1. I can not believe that our country has come to this. It just blows me away that we are taking this path and that they believe it is all going to be great. It is basically the beginning of the end as far as I am concerned and will only get worse, but it is what it is and we just need to be prepared emotionally, mentally and spiritually to withstand what is coming.

    • The mariner shares your angst, disbelief and despair. The French Revolution passed through 17 identifiable phases before it was successful. I fear we are at the beginning of a multi-phase revolution ourselves.

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