Cybele et al

Happy Cybele to everyone; and Nowruz; and Passover; and Ostara; and Easter; and Las Fellas; and return of the serpent; and Holi; and maslenitsa; and Alban Eilir; and Songkran.

Mother Earth returns to spring. Regardless of the term or its meaning, Homo sapiens has a bump of comfort as the days grow longer, the temperature rises, greenness emerges and most species begin procreation for another North Temperate Zone Spring.

Did the reader know the Easter egg is a Christian symbol of Easter? The decorated egg was first mentioned in Christian literature by a North African Christian community 500 years ago. Its earliest documentation is painted eggs representing the rebirth of Jesus – similar to the hatching of a chick from its egg. In worldly context, the egg is part of nearly all early religions.

Mariner wonders whether the Presidential election should be held during the week of the full moon nearest the spring equinox. Humans definitely are more accepting of newness as another natural period of new growth, both intuitively and physiologically, raises our mood. Perhaps voters may be more accepting of change and have a desire to ‘seize the future.’ The mariner for one is more skeptical in November as the darkness of winter looms.

Influenced greatly by history, the United States celebrates its heritage most visibly during Independence Day. It is celebrated loudly, militaristically and with great nationalist fanfare. Over the last four decades, the American culture has remained stalwart in its nationalist fervor but there is another element of our culture that has been with the US since its inception: it is best represented by the Statue of Liberty. Among the world’s nations, the US has stood for freedom, for compassion, for opportunity – the great melting pot of the world. This side of American culture is frayed and forgotten. Yet it is the one aspect of US history that is unique among nations.

Our nation is unusual in the diverse cultures considered mainstream. Our nation benefits from culturally diverse thought in science, technology, education, and freedom of religion. As the entire planet moves into new frontiers and new planetary difficulties, only the US has the cultural diversity and wealth to lead – but this leadership is at risk. Our trademark cultural diversity has waned; our democratic manner of selecting the right path has disappeared; our openness even to our neighbors is suppressed through fear and isolationism; our myopic focus on profit has destroyed our ability to share the bounty even among ourselves.

The US needs another national holiday. It is to celebrate the moral fortitude of our country. It is an event full of sharing. It is a typical American display of magnanimous support to others. It is the American Way.

Ancient Mariner


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