Beyond the Creationists

It is time we took the creationists to task. Why are so many afraid of evolution? In context, the creation story was written over six thousand years ago when virtually nothing was known about the Planet Earth, how the Sun and stars moved or even that the Earth was round. That being said, the creation story is a beautiful metaphor for why God’s world was created but not how.

Signs of evolution are all around us. Even the most uneducated understands that the many species of dogs are bred to be different from one another – a form of forced evolution derived from the original wolf. Even the most uneducated understands that Tommy has red hair because Grandpa had red hair.

However, evolution is more than the old arguments about Jewish history or other animals. The human being is evolving, too. A genetic history of humankind taken from blood samples proves that all humans go back to African ancestors. Three great migrations out of Africa created the Asian race, the European race and the Paleo-Indian race.

Awareness of our changes in early years of humankind, however, does not prepare us for how we will evolve. There are signs emerging that give us clues. The following examples foretell the direction of our evolution – a direction that leads to a human/electronic being. Not part human and part electronic but a genetically united new version of our species. That may sound like science fiction but the process is well under way.

To start simply, is a person with an artificial leg controlled by the brain still wholly “human?” Is a person with a pacemaker still wholly human? These are simple examples of the integration of humans and electronics.

Experiments with telepathy have developed to the point that in a laboratory, two individuals can compete playing a computer game directing the action only with their thoughts – no wires, no remote, just their brainwaves. Several television shows have televised the ability of disabled veterans to move limbs by directing the motion of prostheses with their brains. A double amputee won Olympic class races on springs instead of feet. These are primitive examples but one can understand that merging humans with electronics and changing powers of the brain to accommodate that integration is plausible.

A rat has been enabled by a chip in its brain to see and interact with wavelengths beyond normal visible wavelengths. Can humans be bred from birth with these capabilities? Perhaps with a fetal modification, an unusual skill will be normal for a lifetime or a deficient condition can be repaired. As human and electronic interdependencies become more common, perhaps parents will not want their child to fall behind in school because the child did not have a memory chip embedded.

The examples above are mechanical. Evolution also is occurring socially. One need only compare how an individual worked, shopped, traveled, communicated and maintained the home before 1996 versus how those under thirty do all these things with a small remote. Is this remote a harbinger of future human-electronic integration such that the remote device will become integrated within the human body?


Ancient Mariner



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  1. This was quite the post, Ed…

    For fun sometimes, you should read what some of the alternative people say about dogs, that there is no way that they could simply have evolved from wolves, that it is beyond accident that the characteristics of domesticated dogs are designed for a very mutually dependent relationship with humans..that it could not have just accidentally happened this way. They are convinced that dog genetics were intentionally created, perhaps from original wolf DNA. I cannot help but agree, or, at the minimum state that something other than natural evolution created the dog..something more than just a gradual tolerance for humans being formed by closer location. And, no matter what they say, they have never found the missing link in humans, either.

    I think that the story of Easu in the Bible is interesting in terms of evolution..he also had red hair and was covered with body hair, as though he were some type of throwback to a less evolved human..he was also obviously more trusting and naive than his brother, and perhaps a bit lazier at least at times.
    What is really interesting when you start getting into evolution and early Earth is to look around closely at people and you begin to see the Neanderthal, the giant in people living today. It is quite the experience when eyes begin to see may be what they call the third eye. Some people have more “Neanderthal” or maybe “Denisovan” genes than other people. I have become convinced that many with a higher percentage of Neanderthal have at least a red tint to their hair Not all of them, I dont think, and not all people with red hair have more Neanderthal genes either, at least I doubt it.

    I agree that the future with technology and extended life time and answers to all forms of diseases and physical disabilities can and may be a great future to look forward to..and very just depends on who controls it and how much knowledge that the general public glean about all of it before they just jump in on some of this. In the right hands, I can even see positive results from transhumanism, but in the wrong hands or the hands of those seeking to use it for control purposes, it is the greatest of evil. And it does cross the line of the creation of a new being, different from homo sapiens.They call this the singularity. Like Data the Android on Star Trek, but the opposite. Unlike Data, who strives to become more human from an Android origin, a human who seeks to become more machine from a human origin.(research from the super soldier program at the Pentagon). DARPA, years ago, developed a brain computer interface, called Digital Angel, where a person from a very distant location can control body movements and sensations in another person, and probably thoughts also. Some say that they also have brain to brain interfaces..and these are things in the PUBLIC venue. We have a black budget that is probably nearing, at, or over a trillion dollars a year..projects no one even knows about..the public budget for black projects may be only into the billions, but that does not count all the illegal funding from drug running and everything else. Even seemingly beneficial technology, like medical implants or “find your child” implants can be used if reprogrammed for virtually anything, as best that I can understand it.


    • In your usual style, Karen, many thoughts to ponder.
      Regarding dog history, you may be interested in the website It seems a very thorough presentation with many side references to pursue. I think, all in all, we are in agreement.
      As to red hair and Neanderthals, you are right. See
      One must remember that reading the bible requires awareness that every comment is laced with some form of morality or theology. I would not take that comparison literally.
      I remember the DARPA program and believe it is an ongoing project. Early models were cumbersome and expensive. This may be one of the programs that has expressed interest in many university projects studying the extension of powers in the human brain.
      I like you reference to “find your child” implants. Already dogs have these implants. I believe they are a predecessor to more sophisticated ways of knowing where anyone is, not just one’s child.
      Ancient Mariner

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