This is a quarterly report of transactions on for the last ninety days. A reader in each city has read the mariner’s website at least once each month; the exception is Phoenix where the mariner’s family spent several days. Many readers read several posts on each visit.

Readers were from 15 nations:

United States (240 readers)             Belgium (1 reader)                Kenya (1 reader)

Brazil (14 readers)                            Canada (1 reader)                Cambodia (1 reader)

United Kingdom (2 readers)             Algeria (1 reader)                  Philippines (1 reader)

India (2 readers)                              Ecuador (1 reader)                 Sweden (1 reader)

Italy (2 readers)                               Indonesia (1 reader)               Venezuela (1 reader)


Readers were from the following cities1


1. Grinnell  21. Sioux Falls  41. Las Pinas
2. Phoenix (n/a)  22. Casas Adobes  42. Boras
 3. Hyattsville  23. Edegem  43. Coachella
 4. Carney  24. Fortaleza  44. Irvine
 5. Fort Madison  25. Curitiba  45. San Diego
 6. Los Angeles  26. Londrina  46. Chicago
 7. Denver  27. Porto Alegre  47. Hays
 8. Donnellson  28. Cacador  48. Seneca
 9. Branson  29. Imbituba  49. Kansas City
 10. (not set)  30. Campinas  50. New York City
 11. San Antonio  31. Sao Paulo  51. Oklahoma City
 12. Crestline  32. Pickering  52. Houston
 13. Glendale  33. London  53. Salt Lake City
 14. Centerville  34. Reading  54. Madison
 15. Great Bend  35. Jakarta  55. Caracas
 16. El Paso  36. Mumbai  56. Iguatu
 17. Lawrence Township  37. Kolkata  57. Itapevi
 18. Rio de Janeiro  38. Ancona  58. Lagoa da Prata
 19. San Francisco  39. Francavilla Fontana  59. Sumare
 20. Las Vegas  40. Phnom Penh  

The highest daily access was 120 readers with an average of 87.

1 23% of readers were not included because they did not access the website three months in a row.


The mariner has been searching for a reasonable voice to add to coverage of this strange 2016 campaign. There are many who qualify but the mariner has settled on Tavis Smiley. Smiley is a voice inadequately heard on mainstream news analysis (if one considers PBS not mainstream). Tavis is not a name in the book world; he has published none save a biography that was ghost-written. However, he has made short subject videos about many issues and hosts his own daily show on PBS as well as a weekend show. Periodically, Tavis Smiley may appear on CNN and MSNBC. To those who are unaware of his political/cultural contributions, his claim to fame is that he is married to Fredricka Whitfield, an anchor on CNN.

For example, as a pundit Smiley offers insights that dig into the rhetoric of Donald, he leaves the candidate looking like the empty box he may be. Tavis is African American; many of his topics reflect African American priorities but not out of context with the larger citizen issues of our time. He states as a matter of fact that Donald will carry “few if any black voters.”

Tavis Smiley is sensitive to the cultural crisis that exists in politics today and judges candidates on their intent actually to break the many roadblocks and step into the future. For sample shows and website, see:


PBS videos:

Smiley comments about campaign:

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