In Another Port – Day 2

The Van is docked for three days near san Antonio – south of San Antonio to be precise; a different biome from the one above San Antonio that shares weather with Dallas. Drop in latitude to Corpus Christi (Latitude 27.7°N) and one approaches the influence of the equatorial zone (Latitude 23.5°N). The Equatorial zone includes the Caribbean, Jamaica, Cancun, Mexico, and Costa Rica. When warm leaves Iowa, it turns up in the Equatorial zone similar to the monarch butterfly.

The mariner and his wife are resting under blue skies, temperatures near the seventies and a wafting breeze. The first mate was able to return to her tradition of walking while talking on her cell. The grounds at this Hyatt Residency encompass a golf course and 400 acres full of trails. The first mate was nearly bonked by a golf ball. It is as winter should be.

Tomorrow we weigh anchor and head to Greater Dallas (Latitude 33°N) to visit relatives. Sadly, this is the first leg of our journey back to the frozen north.

On to another subject, mariner is disturbed that the media cannot be sued for donating its air time to Donald’s campaign. Donald has a role, of course, and likely, it is a needed role if the US is to shed the remnants of a political culture incapable of leading the country forward. Nevertheless, the mentally retarded news media will take a nickel instead of a dime every time because a nickel is larger than a dime. In other words, the candidates, both republican and democrat, are virtually unknown as to what they stand for because Nazi campaigner Donald is entertaining – if not substantive. God forbid the news media would want to share substantive news.

Even so, Donald can brag that he doesn’t have to buy ads on TV. They already are paid for. The real cost is a public that remains confused about the real issues and how each politician will deal with them. Meanwhile, we watch a Donald event cheerfully abuse and throw out a Muslim. Now that is news – or it should be. Donald’s retort, dutifully reported by news media without noting underlying, serious consequences, is “They really hate us!”


Mariner has a sweatshirt that says “eschew obfuscation.” He laments the demise of clarity and specific meaning in our English language. Every day words disappear that would have helped clarify. Mariner suggests that the reader reference the dictionary more often; the mariner double checks the nuance of words several times while writing a single post. Perhaps Donald has latched on to something: It isn’t content that matters – it’s just easier not to bother.

Buy a dictionary.

Ancient Mariner

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