Who should Sue sue?

When Sue’s lung operation doesn’t come out right, who will she sue? The doctor? The surgeon? chatGPT? Amazon? TikTok? Maybe all of them. It’s a new issue, that of seeking damages. Doctors can blame chatGPT; surgeons can blame the AI interpretation of the MRI; Amazon can say, “we only own the hospitals – what do we know about medicine? TikTok can say 没关系  méi guānxi (it doesn’t matter), we’re Chinese. Of course chatGPT and AI tech companies will claim they were doing only what they were told to do by humans.

It is even worse in show business. Can a writer sue a deepfake movie? Humans were not involved in the process once they turned on the computer – a computer who learned to write by absorbing the writer’s style.

Then there is the public. Can a couple preparing to be married sue Google or facebook because they sold the information to wedding marketing firms and shady spammers that besieged the couple?

Should a person sue the accountant or the AI tech company whose AI robot did their taxes?

Mariner has always wondered why priests aren’t liable for marriages they consent to after consultation. Now robots can perform the service.

Who does a man sue when his sex robot dumps him?

Ancient Mariner

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