Very Important Interviews

While seminal insights are available on television, they are relatively rare. However, within 24 hours two interviews of authors with intellectual insight, unspun perspective, factual interpretation and a superior understanding of recent American history were presented on television.

First, Cspan2 BookTV broadcast an interview with Tim Alberta, a seasoned, persistent correspondent for Politico, describes the Trump phenomenon with a comprehensive understanding of the federal government and the social times the nation is exploring; Alberta suggests Trump did not create his opportunity, he was inevitably drawn into it by a dissonant Congress.

Second, this past Sunday 60 Minutes on CBS broadcast a segment that interviewed Ray Dalio, a relatively unknown billionaire who has joined those billionaires who have committed half their net worth to social causes. He is the author of “Principles” published by Simon and Shuster, 2017. Dalio describes cogently the failure of the capitalist model that has been in place since the last century. He analyzes the political/economic reality with realism and humanism and, like Alberta, casts aspersions on the lack of relative importance by government.

Buy the books for a clear understanding of our times. Otherwise, the interviews can be found at the following links:

Tim Alberta, author of American Carnage, Harper Collins July 2019

Ray Dalio, author of Principles, Simon and Shuster, September 2017

The reality and intelligence provided in these interviews will, if nothing else put TV news in the trashcan.

Ancient Mariner

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