Time Travel

If you remember the melody, sing the lyrics – out loud with enthusiasm!

[Verse 1]
Oh Stewball was a racehorse
And I wish he were mine
He never drank water
He always drank wine
[Verse 2]
His bridle was silver
His mane it was gold
And the worth of his saddle
Has never been told
[Verse 3]
Oh the fairgrounds were crowded
And Stewball was there
But the betting was heavy
On the bay and the mare
[Verse 4]
And a-way up yonder
Ahead of them all
Came a-prancin’ and a-dancin’
My noble Stewball
[Verse 5]
I bet on the grey mare
I bet on the bay
If I’d have bet on ol’ Stewball
I’d be a free man today
. . . .
Peter, Paul and Mary, 1963
. . . .
Ancient Mariner

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