Time to Act against TPP

The infamous Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) is on its way to congress. Details finally have been released through several channels. The TPP is heavily tilted toward increased power for corporations. If TPP passes, it will be a new era where business begins to dictate to government regarding the rights and wellbeing of the citizenry. Church and state is small potatoes compared to the corporate intrusion into the Constitution and Bill of Rights.

Since World War II, the generic corporate model began to operate between nations; tax evasion, hidden funds, no allegiance to workers, no need to sustain environmental or product quality – all are indicators that corporations have become a new kind of nation not bound by traditional government authority. The TPP is the same as a military invasion aimed at taking away the authority of target nations. Plain and simple, the US is under attack to increase corporate profit and to avoid responsibility for citizen wellbeing.

This week, Wikileaks released the long-secret investment provisions of the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) that revealed the trade deal would give big business the ability to sue governments for protecting the public interest – confirming our worst fears about the trade deal being pushed by the business community, Republican leadership and the Obama administration.

Mariner asks for a small inconvenience from his readers. Will you please write or call all federally elected politicians, especially your senators, that represent you; tell them to veto the TPP. There are different ways to do this:

Write a letter using the US Postal Service.

Write an email; the address of your representatives can be found using searches for Congressional Representatives.

Call your representatives; phone numbers are on the same websites as addresses.

Use the following link to Food and Water Watch to use the convenient procedure for sending your opinion to your representatives. Do not feel hesitant about providing your information; elected officials want to know you live in their district and may want to respond. Uncheck the boxes if you do not want FWW to contact you in the future.


Visit your representatives in their home offices.

The precedents set by TPP will create a world-wide culture where citizens are not the first priority – profit is.

Thank you very much for this favor.

Ancient Mariner


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