This week

Here’s the favorite cartoon from The Week magazine:

The daily news is so redundant that any of us could write a broadcast. Perhaps the most important news to come along recently is the growing moral and economic battle for human creativity in all the art fields: music, art, cartoons, scripts, books, all the creative things that have always represented human sensitivity and intelligence, can be done much less expensively by AI. The potential for ChatGPT and dozens of other applications to emulate human creativity is too close to the real thing. The applications can even accurately copy a singer’s style such that we would be hard pressed to know if AI or a real person was the creator.

An interesting fact was viewed the other day on Junk University (YouTube). It turns out that every Christian denomination is rapidly losing membership except for the Amish, which is growing. Mariner knew his pony cart would be handy sooner or later.

While visiting the University, a comedian had a good line. “Imagine,” he said, “how much faster the oceans would rise if all the sponges died.”

Happy Mother’s Day to all the underappreciated women who raised such glorious children.

Ancient Mariner


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