The Zones

A reader asked about the four zones of awareness. Rather than repeat the explanation, anyone interested should read ‘On Morality -2’ published September 30, 2022. One point that is very, very important to understand is that the virtue of the four zones of emotional awareness is dependent on the zones that precede each one.

For example, if one murders their spouse, beats their children and kicks the dog, these intimate behaviors will carry forward – perhaps friends and extended family should interact carefully. Further, one’s prejudices may provoke violence against other races or attack the US Capitol.  In the recognition zone, where our values depend on subconsciously formed opinions, the lack of a structured morality in previous zones allows irrational interpretations to be one’s guideline – perhaps murder some Asians.

The fourth zone, ‘inactive’, is the zone where people are dependent on society to set the standard. The most obvious failure is the Nazi holocaust. Jews may have had the most virtuous ethical values in the first three zones but the fourth failed to set a viable standard. There are journalists that bring up this comparison when reflecting on American social ethics.

As with Germany and the holocaust, it will take the US citizenry – along with great effort and sacrifice – to reinforce virtuous behavior in our society.

Ancient Mariner

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