The Winds of War

Mariner was checking out the streaming news channels and online news sources earlier today. Getting to the point, the United States and NATO are saying Putin MUST not win. The confrontational tone definitely has risen among every moderator and guest across television news agencies. It’s as if someone burst a large boil and the belligerent juice of war has suddenly emerged.

Even the Economist magazine, published in Great Britain, has a cover and articles saying Putin must not win. Perhaps the West, having evidence of inhuman atrocities, has said, “Enough is enough.”

Ironically, mariner in the last post was reviewing a shift in intellectual attitudes about global democracy versus autocracy but suddenly today rebellion has come to the fore. The intensity of retribution across the board is to put Russia back where it really belongs, a small economy with a history of abusive government, an abusing oligarchy, and to get rid of Vladimir Putin.

Perhaps the open Russian support by Belarus sparked fears that this war already has spread beyond the Ukraine. In any case, world war may be in the offing.

Be prepared.

Ancient Mariner

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