The State of the Nation

There’s an oft-told story about Albert, a seasoned old timer, who one day decided to go to the large shopping mall nearby. He walked to the large water feature in the atrium at the center of the mall, stripped naked and climbed into the water where he sat fully content. Needless to say, some people were offended by this and immediately reported Albert to mall security. Albert was swiftly removed and turned over to the police charged with indecent exposure.

The next day, Albert was back in the pool. Again people reported him to mall security. Albert was removed from the pool but mall security felt sorry for this somewhat addled old man and just put him back on the street.

The next day, Albert was back in the pool. But things were changing. A few weeks later two shoppers passed by the water feature. One of the shoppers was new to the mall and immediately noticed Albert in the pool. The seasoned shopper said, “Oh, don’t pay any attention. That’s just Old Albert – he sits in the pool every day about this time.”

The moral of this story is that the electorate prefers acquiescence rather than remedy.

There is an actual medical account of a middle-aged man who suffered a severe accident that destroyed his normal brain such that he could no longer think. Scientists were interested in his case because a small part of his brain, where habits reside, still functioned. His wife adapted to his odd behavior except for one thing: Her husband made bacon, toast and eggs every morning before his accident. It was a habit he could still perform – about seven or eight times a day. He had no memory, just habits. But he rapidly was growing too fat. His wife managed the situation by removing the bacon from the refrigerator. Unable to think his way past this dilemma, he stopped making breakfast.

What we learn from this story is that generally the electorate doesn’t need to think to be comfortable.

Does anyone have other stories describing the electorate? We elected Donald Trump for Pete’s sake.

To the indolent electorate, take some vitamins, electorate. There’s an election looming.

Ancient Mariner


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