The Sky is Falling!

A big chunk of sky fell in Indiana the other day. Chicken Little still is in a state of fear; he probably will remain in that state – not one of the fifty states – for another four years. Watching Donald begin to create an authoritarian state by bribing Carrier with seven million dollars of Indiana’s tax dollars doesn’t help Chicken, either. No need for Senate legislation; no need for House legislation; no need for an Executive Order; no need for Indiana legislation. Donald says do it and someone else puts up the money whether they want to or not.

It’s all about Donald’s chutzpah. It’s all about Donald never losing. It’s all about Donald basking in what he presumes is a win. Poor Donald; so simplistic, so narcissistic and so wrong on the Carrier deal. Congress is as eager as a chained dog to be turned loose on Obama’s heritage. Perhaps Congress should set aside Barrack and keep an eye on Donald. Shelling out $7,000 for every job kept from moving overseas (but not preventing the company and 2,000+ jobs from moving to Mexico) quickly will take the US and its fifty states into fatal debt levels. Oh well, just so Donald thinks he is winning. At least Carrier may give bonuses this year – if they feel like it.

Do not say, “Well, he saved a thousand jobs anyway.” The real price for 1,000 jobs is circumventing a Federal Democratic Republic to install a King. Just what the founding fathers were hoping for.

Our ancient ancestors believed the wind was a spirit because they could not see it. Ever watch a tornado take down a house? That metaphor means that more is at play in sustaining our great country than what Donald ever sees or understands. Like the trapped Indianans, we all will pay – except Donald, who always “wins.”

It is the mariner’s fervent wish that every citizen read Eric Mataxas’ s book “If they can Keep it.” We all are obligated to manage freedom. An authoritarian king owns ALL the freedom and ignores yours.

Ancient Mariner


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