The Sixth Extinction has Begun

An irrefutable and respected report was just published in the Science Advances journal. A blue ribbon team of scientists working at Stanford University, headed by Paul Ehrlich and lead researcher Gerardo Ceballos, a professor of conservation ecology at the National Autonomous University of Mexico and a visiting professor at Stanford University, predicts that humans could be extinct in three lifespans. Three lifespans is three generations each separated by about 25 years plus the average lifespan of each generation – assume 80 years. 75 years plus 240 years = 315 years.

We wouldn’t all expire together at the last moment. Starvation would increase day by day as water, food and environment would take their toll faster and faster over time. The mariner was amazed that this report didn’t take over the news media in every quarter. Other than the browser results, there was no mention of the coming extinction of humans – in only three generations.

The mariner strongly urges that the reader browse “sixth mass extinction” and read the news article or other news websites.

Ancient Mariner

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