The Rise of Authoritarianism.

Chicken Little is whimpering in the henhouse. He whimpers more loudly when another indication of encroaching authoritarianism occurs. Online access to the press already is shut down. Now it’s the knowledge, documentation and historical application of policies that are being selectively destroyed – especially in the EPA and Banking Secretariats as well as Health and Human Services – in all areas of government that do not agree with the new administration and eliminated at the hands of its Secretariat henchmen. One thinks of the valuable statuary, temples, mosques, and ancient documentation destroyed by the several wars in the Middle East. Is Donald no better?

What is global warming? Look it up on government EPA websites; it has been summarily erased on order of the Secretary, an oil advocate of ill repute as States Attorney of Oklahoma. Scientists in every discipline are rushing to replicate and distribute scientific information so it can’t be completely destroyed. Even NASA and NOAA are losing data and functionality. At this point, Donald has unleashed the Four Horsemen to wreak their havoc on anything unacceptable to the administration.

The nation waits apprehensively as destruction of a political culture is dismantled day by day. Citizens expected a repair to the phenomenon called Donald, a socially misfit King; citizens expected it would take some time. It has been long enough; destruction of knowledge, Constitutional rights, and under-the-table shenanigans with US banking and international money payoffs already occurs.

One would think every elected politician would be committed to shutting down the authoritarian attack on our nation. Instead the republican Congress tries to tear apart the one success of civil legislation by removing the financial underpinnings of the Affordable Care Act while at the same time dragging its feet on anything smelling of removing Donald.

The mariner has had much grief over the decades with an electorate that fails him. He has no confidence in the electorate now. He would be glad to say, “You voted for it. You deserve it.” But not everyone deserves this. Will the 2018 election be any different? Lord bless us if Donald and the four henchmen aren’t out of office by then. If they aren’t, blame the Republican Party – if it’s still allowed.

Ancient Mariner


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