The race issue is fixed

If it weren’t so serious and destructive, mariner would chuckle at the white supremacists. They are defending a race that already is destined to virtually disappear. Consider the odds: white people constitute about 20 percent of the world population. That’s one white person for every four nonwhites. Breeding is indiscriminate, especially with modern transportation, climate immigration, wars and abusive national governments.

Further, in spite of the supremacist presence, has the reader noticed that in the United States half the television commercials are biracial and the Hispanics have their own Spanish broadcast networks? One analysis from Wikipedia projects that whites in the United States will be a distinct minority by 2040.

Traditionally, the English language has been the primary language for international communication but this is changing as the advantages in communication via the Internet permit individualized conversations between nations. It is likely that along with English – Spanish, Mandarin, Arabic and Hindi will have a larger role in global communications.

Mariner suggests that parents of young children in the United States encourage them to be bilingual (probably Spanish) or even trilingual as many Europeans are. It occurs to mariner that a new, hybridized language may emerge – complete with slurring for the hearing impaired.

Hasta la vista, baby!

Ancient Mariner


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