The Move from Past to Future

The mariner apologizes to readers who are confused by his mixing metaphors incoherently. It was stated in the last post that as President, Hillary will become the leader of the Establishment and eventually the Republican Party. That is, the older elected officials, lingering old school racists, plutocrats, economic conservatives, and religious malcontents will adapt. Regardless of power haggling, one by one, less conservative leaders will emerge and adopt policy positions that, over the years of Hillary’s tenure as President, will become the new center right wing of the Federal Government.

During these years, slowly, the more strident conservative policy and behavior present in 2016 will morph into a newer conservative policy that can compete in elections. This means that the Republican Party we know today has collapsed under a nation rapidly moving to more liberal policies. Viewed from the sidelines, over time, conservatism appears to look more and more like Hillary’s Establishment.

As mentioned in the former post, Hillary is a super administrator but lacks the ability to envision new values in a non-establishment environment. Why we do what we do is not as much a motivation to Hillary; what tactics and processes must be executed is her focus. Bernie is very much a why person and challenged ideas like oligarchy, an unbalanced culture suffering from bad tax law, disappearing employee rights, and crooked Federal governance. Being an opposite type to Hillary, Bernie had less interest in rewriting policy than targeting legislation that changes governance.

Statistics from the campaign indicate that millennials (under 50 more or less) were fully united behind Bernie, seeing change in governance as more important than editing existing legislation. Mariner suspects this is because millennials have grown up in a drastically changed world and the government has not changed to manage that changed world.

As Hillary improves (we hope) Congressional concern toward a kinder and wiser government, the Establishment, still grounded in the old culture, will appear to become more conservative as the millennial folks change governance to something that slowly leaves the Establishment behind.


When the reader was very young, perhaps before the fourth grade, what word could not be spelled on paper? For the mariner, in the third grade, he returned from summer vacation having forgotten how to spell ‘was.’ No matter how often he sounded the word, he could not associate a set of letters to match the word ‘wuz.’

A French tennis player by the name of Poille pronounces his name Pwee. One must feel sorry for French third graders.

The Brits, by way of the Germans and Romans, gave us Wednesday; how long before you spelled Wednesday correctly? It doesn’t matter, we say ‘Wenzdee’ anyway.

Is it any wonder we are drifting to memes, emoticons, and other graphics?

Ancient Mariner

2 thoughts on “The Move from Past to Future

  1. Given the state of the republic, the gridlock in Congress, and the huge problems that face us (as always), I think what we need now is a super administrator, whose instincts lean toward the progressive. Hillary is not Wonder Woman, but she is smart, experienced, compassionate and strong. While we wait for the millenials to organize the new left, we could use a super administrator to navigate the troubled waters of the present. How’s that for a mariner metaphor!

  2. Was there any doubt about the state of the Republic before Trump rose to Republican nominee? Even with right wingers like Perot, Pat Buchanan or the nationalistic furor behind Ronald Reagan, I never feared for the continuation of our republic. Now I’m concerned. When Hillary wins the electoral votes deciding the election, Trump is going to mobilize his minionz . . . Just Musing

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