The Judge and the Ladies

Roy Moore is an unavoidable brouhaha. It’s like watching water drain down a sink after cleaning vegetables. Every issue that has anything to do with politics, news media, simple human ethics, government procedures, Alabaman morality, and any personality of note from Donald to Mitch to Jeff to DonaldJR to Steve Bannon are sucked down the drain in this melodrama.

The swirling water has the bitter taste of GOP immorality, that is, highly questionable priorities for a political party representing all the people of the United States. Toss in some vinegar and rotten egg when the GOP and extremist religious groups (including citizens of Alabama) intend to vote for Roy regardless. God forbid a democrat is thrown into the mix. Truly, the GOP is morally corrupt.

Spices are added when Mitch rejects Roy and the news media says, “Who, me?” and Steve vows to create more favorable news of his own. One wishes Donald were in Washington during this vulgar conflict; Donald would find good people involved . . .

As to Donald washing down the drain, he would clog it.

Guru has pondered for some time why Dixie has never been able to catch up to contemporary morality and advancing social behavior; for over 250 years – even before there was a United States, Dixie stayed well back in moral progression and unifying culture.

Mariner must say it is fun to watch for the moment, however horrific. He is reminded of Bill Mauldin who drew cartoons of GI Joe in the second war.

Ancient Mariner


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