The Election

First and foremost to celebrate is the election of the first Zer to Congress. At the age of 25 Maxwell Frost was elected to represent the 10th Congressional District in Florida. When Max was born in 1997, Chuck Grassley (R-IA) was 63 and had served in Congress since 1981.

It isn’t just republicans. Nancy Pelosi, Speaker of the House, is 82 – less than a year younger than mariner. Mariner remembers when she was a teenage hottie in Baltimore. Not to mention Biden, Sumer, McConnell and the Trumper as well.

The median age of Congress is 60! Mariner thinks about this as he rakes fallen leaves out of the garden. Many of the large issues clouding over the nation and the world today cannot be managed by individuals whose intuition was formed when most telephone networks required talking to human telephone operators or when Bill Gates was 10 years old. The first credit card wasn’t around until 1958; Chuck Grassley was 18. Can Chuck comprehend the social, economic and family impact of going Crypto?

But putting mariner’s crankiness aside, it was a night to celebrate! The Red Tide did not appear. Most of the election deniers were defeated (but many remain – the republican party still has some huge issues). As this post is written, the Senate leadership is unknown but both houses of Congress are close enough to require an attempt at negotiation.

It was an election balanced enough to keep the nation’s head above water and possibly deal with two imminent wars and a never ceasing invasion by global warming.

Bring on the Zs!

Ancient Mariner

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