The Big Shift

One of Guru’s grand projections for the last half of this century is a shift from an European world (the West) as the prime influence in culture, economics and development, to one centered around the Pacific and Indian Oceans. Guru’s nickname for the new center is the Sumo League because it includes the three largest nations by size, population and economy (India, China, US representing 1 in 3 humans on Earth and 52 percent of the world’s GDP). Already there are fringe participants in this league in the name of Canada, Mexico, Australia, Peru, Brazil, Chile and several Pacific Rim Asian nations, e.g. Japan and Viet Nam. For the moment China is the most aggressive nation but expect India, often allied with the US, to jump in soon.

As a related side note, the fastest growing race in the US is Asian, not Hispanic.

With this grand projection in mind, mariner has been tracking news about the European Union (NATO). It seems there are rifts growing everywhere. To wit:

Greece and Turkey are at war’s edge over oil rights in the Eastern Mediterranean; Turkey has become a nation in the orbit of Russia as well; Turkey and France are having words over Libya. Regarding a gas pipeline currently under construction between Germany and Russia that serves the Kremlin’s financial and geopolitical interests and undermines NATO’s eastern members, the German government continues to stand by the project even though asked to abandon it. And then there’s Brexit. And everyone knows Putin wants to rebuild the Soviet Union – all Eastern Block nations currently in NATO.

The common term in Europe is “cracks in the alliance.”

Just an added perspective into the future and how the Planet and its creatures are mulling about.

Ancient Mariner

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  1. Given the situation in Europe (Alliances crumbling) and the chaos in our own country, I’d have to say the Vladimir Putin is a masterful manipulator. To be blunt, he is winning his war against democracy around the world. The Orange Baboon’s fealty towards him only exacerbates the situation.

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