The Battle against dementia

No matter what you believe or what your opinion is, if you are of retirement age, you have dementia. Dementia is a spectrum disorder; it grows very, very slowly, so slowly you aren’t aware of its incursion into your life.

The overwhelming battle is to not let lethargy into your life. Mariner has borrowed the word ‘gumption’ to represent a desire to act, to do, to experience, to feel upbeat about the day. Dementia, a weakening of the brain, encourages the brain to ease off a bit, to leave things until tomorrow, to take that extra nap, to not pursue understanding of a confusing situation.

The old bones and cartilage don’t help either. It is a universal truth that physical exercise deters the brittleness of old age. Exercise, whether a workout or actually doing physical labor, works the brain, too.

It is your own willpower that pushes back on dementia. Granted, in the end dementia wins but its effects can be slowed just a little if you keep gumption as your mantra.

Take your vitamins, particularly B12, D3, and a supplement that increases NAD+. Eat a varied diet. Deliberately set out to learn something new every day. DO SOMETHING PHYSICAL EVERY DAY.

For mariner, an adversary is winter; his activity is gardening. Whether he can muster a positive nature and stay project-oriented is his biggest challenge.

So, make gumption your mantra; find something that launches a positive attitude for the day – old bones and cartilage be damned.

If the reader still doubts dementia is present, check out . Pursue the embedded links.

Ancient Mariner

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