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It was in the news the other day that China is outlawing crypto, AKA bitcoin et al. Although the news clip alluded to competitive technology, it is more likely that China knows it cannot control transactions or investments because no institution is involved that can be subject to government regulation. Further, the transaction database cannot be erased.

On the other hand, using common tracking software, the government could know when someone entered a transaction on their own computer. On the other hand, there is home security software that frequently changes the computer id. But then the government can track a person’s bank transactions from which a crypto investment was drawn or perhaps would notice a windfall deposit into that account.

It isn’t just about China. Across the world government, business, special interest groups, spammers and social media are addicted to information about our personal lives. On the other hand, a person could buy software that erases all the cookies. However, the intruders can check our internet history. But then one could buy software that erases our internet history and of course change the computer id.

Mariner uses a bank that refuses to know who he is. Passwords, id, not a robot, names of relatives and friends, confirming emails and still the bank doesn’t accept his identity. Why? Because his computer changes its id every hour. The situation is exacerbated because mariner uses a search engine that doesn’t track him; so even if the computer didn’t change id, the bank still does not know mariner because the search engine provides no personal information.

Using email and social media is wide open. Once a party has your email or social media address, they never forget; even years later, the democratic parties still know where to find him. On the other hand, mariner could change his email account. On the other hand, databases exist that can be cross referenced. Mariner wins in the end because he never gives them money.

Who needs internet gaming? Play the real life version.

Ancient Mariner

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