Who Knows Best

Mariner will be distracted by gardening duties. He is eager to keep his readers sharp and up to date on cultural and scientific news. Below are three quizzes. The first is show business, the second is literature and the third is science.

Answers will not be provided in order to enhance the reader’s research skills. HOWEVER, SHOULD YOU EVEN THINK OF USING YOUR BROWSER, IN YOUR HEART, YOU KNOW YOU’VE FAILED THE QUIZ. Researching old junk, ahem, old memorabilia lying about, especially your old friends and old relatives is acceptable and encouraged; questions are multi-generational.




Who cut original recording of “Earth Angel”?


“. . . Put it in your pocket”


“Bring your sweet lips a little closer”


Made a trademark sound combining saxophone and clarinet


Name a male and female CW singer who had hits with “On the Wings of a Dove” Extra credit: What movie inspired the song in 1952?


“God Bless America” without a microphone


“Everything’s Coming up Roses” without a microphone


“Drive by Mary’s place”


“Lucile, please come back where you belong”


Name two hit song titles





Name the movie with the song: “Shakedown”

Name this singer

2006 big hit “Money Maker” by

Thirteen different groups sang backup for Elvis Presley. Not counting the Jordanaires, name two

Go get your Grandmother. Ask her the name of this actress

In the 1960’s including Frank, there were five members of the Rat Pack. Name them:


– – – –



Name two authors who were known for wearing white suits


Name five friends of Winnie the Pooh


Who terrorized Ichabod Crane?


What was Captain Ahab chasing?


Name of person who wore a scarlet letter


Name two of the Little Women


In what book is Boo Radley a character?


Who wrote “A Movable Feast”?


Who built a house at Walden Pond?


Name three literary dogs


What book did Abraham Lincoln accuse for starting the Civil War?


– – – –



In our solar system, name 10 planets in sequence from the Sun


In miles per hour, how fast is the speed of sound and how fast is the speed of light?


Name the three primary ingredients in plant food


Name three species of lizards


What element, when consumed by the Sun, will end the Sun’s life?


Name in sequence by date of birth: Max Planck, Madam Curie and Albert Einstein


Name of Astrophysicist with amyotrophic lateral sclerosis


Cite the Binomial Theorem


Name the sequence of colors in the rainbow and which is the shortest wavelength


Who discovered electricity (hint: not Ben)


Name any of the four major eras in Earth’s history


Have fun. Wrack your brain. There’s no score but self-satisfaction. Mariner suspects most readers have been exposed to this information but, like mariner, have no idea today.

Ancient Mariner