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“Yet the furious resuscitation of Biden’s political fortunes has not only positioned his party more strongly against Trump in the general election, but suddenly scrambled the Senate map. Four Republicans up for reelection are now officially behind their challengers (or their most likely challengers) by four percentage points or more. And Biden’s numbers against an incumbent Trump show he is stronger than Hillary Clinton ever was in 2016 against the insurgent outsider most Americans expected would lose.

“More important than his wins against Sanders have been the underlying numbers behind Biden’s success this past week. In a majority of the primaries, he is winning a broad and deep coalition that threatens Republicans’ ability to hold the Senate and the White House. With black voters, suburban voters, white voters without a college degree, white voters with a college degree, union and non-union, Republicans and independents, Biden’s breadth of support is remarkable.” [A.B. Stoddard]

֎ Some Good News from Politico –

“After holding more than 300 rallies during the 2016 campaign and nearly 100 more since he was elected—after going last month to Iowa and New Hampshire and Nevada and South Carolina to “troll” Democrats in the runups to the primaries—the president was not in Michigan, Missouri or Mississippi this past week, and he won’t be in Ohio or Illinois or Florida or Arizona ahead of Tuesday’s votes. He has canceled events in Las Vegas, Denver and Milwaukee. And for the first time in a long, long time, Trump has on his typically merry-go-round docket of rallies … nothing.”

Three days from now, millions of voters in Arizona, Illinois, Florida, and Ohio will grasp the same door handles, drag their fingers across the same touch-screen voting machines, and wait in long lines with dozens of other people knowing full well infection with the virus is likely. True, this is not completely good news but the good news is the spirit and dedication of the electorate to fulfill an important job as a democratic citizen. Everyone in the nation knows this is an historic vote that will lift the nation’s tires from the mud or allow the tires to dig deeper in the muck.

Election administrators in the four states have stepped up routines aimed at cleanliness, suggesting early voting, bring one’s own pen, and staffing a continuous effort of wiping down the machinery, handles and furniture. Administrators expect there to be a small drop off in voters but that commitment runs high in the districts.

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